Interethnic youth Union requests to accept the Fund Navalny is a foreign agent

MOSCOW, March 15. Public organization “all-Russian interethnic Union of youth” (WMSM) appealed to the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation with a proposal to recognize the so-called Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny NGOs-“foreign agent”, and the opposition of the blogger to check out on the subject of incitement of interethnic and interreligious hatred. Copies of the appeals to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika and justice Minister Alexander Konovalov published Tuesday on the official website VMSM, under them are the signatures of the Chairman of the Cantemir Jurtaev and leaders of several youth associations.

In particular, the appeal to the Gulls signatories list a number of publications in Bulk media, in which the blogger, in their opinion, in particular, “carries out the substitution of notions, biased in presenting the information aimed at inciting religious and ethnic hatred.”

An article in The Washington Post

In addition, they refer to an article in the American newspaper The Washington Post, including about the attitude of Russians towards the events in Syria. In their opinion, the publication “suggests that the sociology Department of the Fund of struggle against corruption .. under the newspaper conducted a sociological survey, which polled 1,200 supposedly “randomly” selected people in Dagestan and Tatarstan”. “From the content of the publication in which the newspaper is doing with the data of the survey of their property, it can be concluded that the study was inspired and paid for from the U.S.,” say the authors.

“We are outraged, what right has the Bulk to speak on behalf of all Muslims, and I have absolutely no doubt that these data are not true and aimed at implementation of next order their Western sponsors against Russia”, – said in the letter. Accordingly, its proponents believe that the Fund of struggle against corruption is the “agent of a foreign state” that receive funding from abroad. They also ask the public Prosecutor to check the actions of Navalny “on the subject of incitement to ethnic and religious intolerance and to check the funding sources of the Fund of struggle against corruption”.

In an article in The Washington Post contains a link and in circulation VMSM to the Minister Konovalov. Citing the same reasoning as in the letter to the Prosecutor General, the authors require “to include the Fund of struggle against corruption in the registry of foreign agents”.