“Naftogaz” has promised to increase the claim to “Gazprom” on $4 billion

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” in the first quarter of 2016, will increase the claim to “Gazprom” on transit contract for $1 billion, said Director of the Ukrainian development company Yuriy Vitrenko on his page in Facebook on Tuesday. According to him, in such sum “Naftogaz” evaluates “the shortfall for transit services”. On an annual basis for the year 2016, this amount would have been approximately $4 billion, he added.

Do not assume that the Ukrainian company is increasing its claims to “trim” claims “Gazprom”, said the Manager of “Naftogaz”. According to him, virtually the entire amount of the claim of the Russian holding “is the accrual on the principle of “take or pay”.

“We believe these claims are completely unfounded and not recognize a single penny. However, we believe our demands are fully justified, and we will demand that they fully met all our requirements, including the requirement to pay compensation”, — he concluded.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” in October 2014 filed a lawsuit against Gazprom in the Stockholm arbitration court, demanding to collect from the Russian holding company compensation for not delivering for the transit of volumes of gas and the interest on that amount. On 19 February the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev reported that the amount of the claim to “Gazprom” in the Stockholm arbitration “approaching $30 billion” transferred “RIA Novosti”.

Gazprom filed a counterclaim in the Stockholm arbitration in 2015. He demanded to collect from “Naftogaz” payment for the shortfall of the contractual gas volumes in 2012-2013, the Ukrainian party was obliged to pay “take or pay”. Earlier on Tuesday it became known that “Gazprom” addressed in the Stockholm international arbitration information about the increase of requirements under the claim to “Naftogaz” of $2,549 billion In the end, the amount of the claim of “Gazprom” reached $31,759 billion.