Putin criticized the interior Ministry for failure to comply with “basic tasks”

MIA half-heartedly

“The basic problem, which we discussed at the Board last year, has yet to be resolved: is the exit on qualitatively new level of the whole system of the Ministry of interior, ensuring a radical change in the situation with crime. Because that is what is expected from you, the citizens of the country,” described the work of the police President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the annual Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the past year recorded growth in the number of crimes by 9%, the President said. “Maybe it is the result of objective statistics as well. But the fact that the crime is bad,” Putin said. According to him, not solved every other crime.

The President has expressed skepticism about anti-corruption activities of the Ministry. According to Putin, the last two years has decreased the number of crimes the authorities of corruption, the interior Ministry revealed. “If they really became less, and, thank God, but if we reduced the effectiveness in this area, it is not the goal to which we strive”, — said the President. According to him, it is necessary to strengthen the work, for reporting, and to increase confidence in the government.

According to Putin, additional effort requires the investigation of economic crimes and raiding. “Your task is to defend the interests of the state and the rights of citizens, including those who lead your business,” the President said, one should put pressure on employers and the redistribution of property. In March held the first meeting of a specially created group, announced Putin. According to information , this meeting will be held March 23.

The reason for the crisis

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have reduced the General number of detected facts of bribery by 11%, but by half increased the number of detected crimes committed on a large scale, thus shifted the focus of the work in this direction,” responded to criticism of the President, the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Last year identified more than 111,000 crimes economic areas, and one in four in large and especially large size, said Kolokoltsev.

Documented more than 13,000 bribery, 951 in large and especially large size, in half more than the same period last year. Attracted more than 2,000 representatives of Executive authorities involved in corrupt activities, 651 head of the Federal level. Police discovered more than 950 thousand crimes, 160 thousand grave and especially grave crimes has increased the effectiveness of the disclosure acts of previous years, said the bells.

The increase in crime, according to Kolokoltseva, “is an objective, and is associated with socio-economic factor”. According to him, the number of crimes has increased mainly at the expense of medium-gravity crimes. Every fourth criminal act committed in the residential sector, district reviewed 700 12 000 applications of citizens. Basically crimes are pushing social causes — alcoholism and unemployment, explained the Minister.

A lot of problems, but the interior Ministry works intensively, and effectively summed up the discussion the President. “I wish you every success and to wish. so you were at the level of the tasks and expectations that accompany your daily work”, — has concluded its participation in the College of Putin

Even when police used repressive measures, but people see that this is done in the public interest. this causes the support of the people. and Vice versa,” he described the attitude of the Ministry of interior and the President of the society.