Putin spoke about people’s support of the repressive measures of the Ministry of interior

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the people approve of repressive measures applied by police officers, if they see that this is done in the public interest. This statement of the head of state said Friday at the annual Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, the correspondent.

“Even when police used repressive measures, but people see that this is done in the public interest, it causes the support of the people,” Putin said.

However, the President stressed that the misconduct of officers is perceived as a betrayal. “If someone from the staff itself was breaking the law, shows the arrogance and rudeness in everyday work is perceived as a betrayal,” he said.

Putin stressed that the interior Ministry has a special place in the system due to the large number of tasks that need to be addressed. “A lot of problems. — declared the head of state. But MIA works hard and efficiently. I wish you every success and that you were at the level of the tasks and expectations that accompany your daily work”, — has concluded its participation in the College of Putin.

Earlier Putin in his speech said that the police has failed her a year ago “basic task”. “The basic problem, which we discussed at the Board last year, has yet to be resolved: is the exit on qualitatively new level of the whole system of the Ministry of interior, ensuring a radical change in the situation with crime. Because that is what is expected from you, the citizens of the country,” the President said.