Putin will be asked to resume the search for the miners at the mine “Severnaya”

The Communist party will ask the President to urgently resume the rescue operation on mine “Northern” in Vorkuta and to immediately investigate the causes of the accident. The corresponding decree the Communists would introduce to the state Duma with an initiative to hold a parliamentary investigation into the tragedy, said the Deputy Valery Rashkin.

The Communists are outraged that “the decision to terminate the search for the miners was made in conditions of uncertainty: currently still unknown, alive or not”.

“The state Duma considers such a solution unacceptable. You must take all possible measures for rescue of people, there is a probability that they are alive. Otherwise we risk repeating the tragic story of the submarine “Kursk”. Already, many called the events “Kursk — 2″ and there is considerable truth in that”, — it is told in prepared by the deputies referring to the President (have).

In the decision of the Communists propose “to use the most modern methods, guarantee the maximum safety of life of participants of the rescue operation <…> and, if necessary, to seek the assistance of foreign experts.”

Equally serious is the issue of an independent investigation of the accident, says the appeal. Deputies refer to media reports of the testimonies of family members of mine workers, who say that for three or four weeks before the accident, the methane sensors were fixed excess concentration of gas and warned about the threat of explosion. And the factory management asked the workers to bury the sensors, and the miners not willing to work in conditions of risk, proposed the dismissal. Director of Severstal Alexey Mordashov said later that the sensors cannot tolerate.

Now the Communist party is gathering signatures for the documents (decree on the renewal of prospecting and the initiation of a parliamentary investigation and a similar but more detailed treatment). According to Raskin, documents on Monday approved the leadership of the faction under them and so far has collected more than 50 signatures. To take the investigation to the state Duma, it is necessary to collect at least 90 signatures of deputies in the faction of Communists is 92 persons. Other fractions the idea of a parliamentary investigation will not support, said before the representatives of the parties .

The accident at the Severnaya mine in Vorkuta had occurred on 25 February, as a result of methane explosion killed four workers. Rostekhnadzor stated that the accident is of a natural character. On the night of 28 February, there was a new explosion, which killed five rescuers and one miner. 26 people who remained locked beneath the earth, the chances of survival no, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov.

For the rubble of the mine fire, which lasted until last week. On 6 March, the company announced the decision to flood the mine, the Deputy Prime Minister for energy Arkady Dvorkovich said on 9 March that flooding the main scenario of the fire fighting at the mine.

The representative of Vorkutaugol said that the flooding will continue until may. According to Raskin, flooding the mine, you must stop and keep looking. “The fact that began to flood equal to the crime. And in sunken ships people survive, if to look for them,” says the Deputy.