Source: representatives of several countries of illegally trying to obtain information about VKS RF

MOSCOW, March 15. Representatives of some foreign countries, including accredited diplomats, illegally trying to obtain information on the activities of the aerospace defence forces of Russia. This was reported by a source in Russian security services.

So, according to him, in the beginning of March air attaché Karl Scott of the British Embassy in Moscow, and assistant naval attaché Coatalen R.-Hodgson, without authorization, visited the Mozdok district of North Ossetia-Alania, which is part of the list of territories with regulated access for foreign nationals. “During their trip recorded the fact of British diplomats covert surveillance of the territory of the military airport “Mozdok” using a special photo and video”, he said.

Photographing individual objects of a military airfield by the British not denied, to submit the footage refused, citing diplomatic immunity.

After registration of administrative offences of subjects of the United Kingdom was asked to leave the closed to foreigners in the territory, informed the source.

Other similar emergency

Earlier, in September 2012, Scott together with the technical officer of the military atasate of the British Embassy were detained by the law enforcement agencies in the Alagir district of North Ossetia-Alania for trespassing on the territory with regulated visiting for foreign citizens.

In addition, in mid-March of this year near the military airport Chkalovsky, Moscow region, was detained a citizen of the United States Filmer Paul Bryan, who used tuned to a frequency of the control center of flights on the police scanner and carrying out a photographing operation in the object planes of military and special purpose.

“The competent authorities of the foreigner who arrived in Russia on a tourist visa, indicated on the inadmissibility of its actions. After documentation, the U.S. citizen was released, said a source. – Reporting violations of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation directed the foreign Ministry to make an official submission to the embassies of the States concerned”.