The Chechen Ombudsman has demanded to open a criminal case on Ilya Yashin

Commissioner for human rights in the Chechen island Nurdi Nukhazhiev has demanded to open a criminal case on the Deputy Chairman of PARNAS Ilya Yashin. About it reports a press-service of the Ombudsman. Request sent to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin. Nukhazhiyev also asked to restrict access to the pages of the opposition on social networks.

The reason for the appeal was Yashin published the report in which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, “provides knowingly false information to discredit the honor and dignity of the leadership of the Chechen Republic”.

“The report Ilya Yashin impregnated slander, cynical, shameless lies, false allegations to the head of the Chechen Republic, addressed to the heads of Executive and legislative authorities of the Chechen Republic. Thus we are witnessing again and again the craziest, offensive accusations speak to the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. And this is done publicly”, — said N. Nukhazhiev.

The Ombudsman notes that “so far no one has been held accountable.” “As a result of impunity addressed to the leaders of the Chechen Republic put forward new and new unbelievable charges. This must end, calling to answer such “figures”. After all, Yashin, and their behind the Directors understand that every time they mention the name Kadyrov on the negative side, they beat not on it (his credibility was not affected), and hit the stability in Chechnya”, — said in a statement nuhazhiev (spelling preserved).

Chechen Ombudsman also told TFR that the activities Yashin “undermines the foundations of national security of the country, violates the constitutional rights of citizens and adversely affects the social and political situation in Russia,” “continue, we are not going to leave unanswered insult to the Chechen people, Ramzan Kadyrov and other leaders of Chechnya. We will sue all who infringe on their honor and dignity,” said Nukhazhiev.

Before Yashin to attract to criminal liability required a spokesman Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov. He explained that saw in the report of the opposition signs of incitement of ethnic hatred and religious hatred. Karimov also indicated that the report Yashin contains a “gross slander, insults and baseless allegations” to the Chechen leader.

Yashin, commenting on viskazivaniya Chechen leadership, said he was ready to prove in court the accuracy of the report data. The opposition leader also has expressed opinion that criminal case is an attempt to shut him up.

A report on the situation in Chechnya Yashin presented on February 23. The document consists of nine chapters. The opposition, in particular, noted that his task is to open the eyes of the society on the fact that Kadyrov “with the connivance of the country’s leadership and intelligence services became a figure representing a threat to national security of Russia”. Kadyrov himself said that the report contains nothing but hot air.

A few hours before the official presentation of the report Yashin was posted on the Instagram page of Chechen leader. As later explained by the opposition, before the presentation of the document was received by “Open Russia”, but due to a clerical error, the report appeared on the website of the project ahead of time.

Kadyrov himself spoke. “Allah gave us complete this report.” “And we sooner than Yashin, published it. He was worried that Chechnya will not be possible to distribute report, as if there were no social networks,” — said Kadyrov earlier.