The court refused to recover from Russia 33 billion rubles in the claim of the company Baturina

The Moscow arbitration court rejected the claim of JSC “Territorial Directorate “Setunskaya”, owned by Elena Baturina on collecting from the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, some 33.6 billion rubles, reports RAPSI.

In its lawsuit, the company Baturina demanded to pay damages for seized land in the West of Moscow — the so-called Embassy of the earth. In the claimed in claim the amount of compensation, in particular, entered the market value of the land as well as cash benefits and taxes “Setunskaya” since 2003, while owned land, paid to the state budget.

The lawsuit was filed in September 2013. In December 2014 the court suspended the proceedings for the examination, which was requested by the plaintiff. According to examination, the cost of the withdrawn from the company of the earth is 18.5 billion rubles, said the representative of the plaintiff. However, the company Baturina considers that the assessment was conducted with violations, the cost of land was significantly understated.

On Tuesday, the court dismissed the petition of JSC “Territorial Directorate “Setunskaya” for carrying out of repeated examination on the suit.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance asked the court to dismiss the claim. According to him, the fact of causing of losses “Setunskaya” no, because the earth was not withdrawn in favor of the state, and demanded from unlawful possession.

To summon “Setunskaya” three land plots with a total area of over 16 hectares demanded the government back in 2010, having addressed with the corresponding claim in Arbitration of Moscow. Subsequently, the courts, including the Supreme arbitration court has satisfied this claim.

In the court decisions it is stated that the disputed land belongs to the territories reserved by the decree of the President of Russia from 1993 for the construction of buildings for foreign representative offices in China, India and Cuba. The courts have ruled that the privatization of these parcels of land and subsequent registration of property rights to them were made in violation of existing international treaties.