The government Commission approved a draft law on improvement of protection of property of passengers

The government Commission approved a draft law on improvement of protection of property of passengers

MOSCOW, March 15. The lawmaking Commission of the government of the Russian Federation approved a bill aimed at improvement of insurance legislation in the field of protection of property interests of subway passengers. This was reported on the website of the Cabinet.


How to receive compensation from metro
For personal injury and property damage, obtained in the subway or on an escalator, the passenger has the right to demand an insurance payment. Infographics ITAR-TASS

“The bill clarifies the definition of carrier to avoid ambiguity, definitions of the person from whom arises the obligation to conclude a contract of compulsory insurance. Specifies the list of property of the passenger in the event of injury to which during transportation damages or compensation. Clarifies definition of insurer in terms of obligations on participation in the reinsurance pool for the exception of cases of compulsory insurance insurance organization, not a member of the reinsurance pool”, – stated in the message.

The Bill Of The Ministry Of Finance

The bill was prepared by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Strategy of insurance development until 2020 and clarifies a number of basic concepts.

Specified features of the termination, amendment or termination of the agreement, events of return of the insurance premium to the policyholder in the event of termination of the contract.


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“When non-payment by the insured of another insurance premium the insurer is entitled to cancel the contract of compulsory insurance after 30 working days from the date fixed by the contract of compulsory insurance for the payment of the next insurance premium, after notifying the policyholder of the insurer of the cancellation of such contract in writing. Thus under the bill, the approach provides the insured the option of paying a late premium payment or the timely conclusion of the contract of compulsory insurance with a new insurer,” reads the document.

The bill applies to the Bank of Russia annual monitoring of limit values, insurance rates: it is proposed to introduce a rule that allows the Central Bank to develop recommendations for monitoring.

Professional Association of insurers, thanks to the bill, may obtain the right to issue rules of professional activities in extensive list of issues. In particular, the Association will be able to make an advance compensation payment in the amount of 100 thousand rubles in case of impossibility of implementation of provisional payments the insurer.

The bill will be considered at the meeting of the Russian government.