The government has refused to criminally punish government officials for abuse of citizens

PETROZAVODSK, March 15. /Corr. Igor Lukyanov/. The Russian government did not support the initiative of deputies of legislative Assembly of Karelia criminal to punish officials for oskroblenie citizens. This is stated in the recall of Deputy Chairman of Russian government Sergei Prikhodko, who arrived in the Karelian Parliament.

“Convincing arguments proving the necessity of introducing in the criminal code special rules on the liability of the representative of authority for the actions proposed to criminalize and failure of existing mechanisms of legal regulation in the explanatory note to the bill does not contain”, – said in the official review Prihodko, which is available.

“The bill is the government of the Russian Federation is not supported”, – it is specified in the document.

In November 2015 the deputies of the legislative Assembly of Karelia Alexander and Larissa has been in charge has prepared a bill which proposes to Supplement the criminal code article 128.2 “Insulting citizens’ authority in the discharge of their official duties”.

“The proposed additions will contribute to raising the level of professional ethics and self-government representatives”, – said the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Karelia Alexander Stepanov.

The authors of the bill proposed for unconstrained officials punishment in the form of a fine up to 40 thousand rubles, compulsory work up to 360 hours, and also corrective works till one year. A bill introduced in the State Duma.