The new President of AVTOVAZ said that the main task

Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov believes that the main task of the new head of AVTOVAZ Nicolas Mora should be a focus on the Russian parts suppliers.

“As to the change of the head of AVTOVAZ, the main challenge, it seems to us, must stand in front of the head is the focus primarily on Russian suppliers of components, to reduce the costs and the cost of production of cars”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

The issue of supply of automotive components was a key in the work of AVTOVAZ. With the arrival of the former head of the plant Bo Andersson balance of the procurement of components began to shift towards foreign companies. As a result, due to the devaluation of the ruble, AVTOVAZ since the beginning of 2015 five times to raise the prices on Lada, but it showed a record loss of 74 billion rubles.

AvtoVAZ on and 74.51% owned by Alliance Rostec Auto whose shareholders include Renault-Nissan (67,13%) and the state Corporation “rosteh” (32,87%).

When summarizing the results of work of “AVTOVAZ” in 2015, the question arose about the continuity of the enterprise in the future. Shareholders of AVTOVAZ agreed to capitalize the plant: Renault-Nissan will provide financial support, “rostec” is willing to convert up to 52 billion rubles of debt (the exact settings will be determined later).

Manturov noted that the government has no plans to support AVTOVAZ. “We are no tools of a financial nature did not provide separately for AVTOVAZ. And I believe that today such a need for this for businesses is not” — said the Minister, who has transferred “Interfax”.

“I think that there may be some options that we will discuss with our colleagues from Renault, but additional financial injections, I think not necessary”, — said Manturov. In 2009 AVTOVAZ has received state support in the amount of 75 billion rubles.

On Tuesday, AVTOVAZ Board of Directors confirmed the appointment of the company’s President Nicolas Mora, who until now headed the Romanian factory Dacia. In this position, Moore was replaced by Bo Andersson, who was removed from office before the end of the contract.