The Sevastopol city Council agreed to shift Chaly

The draft resolution on the resignation of Alexei Chaly to the post of speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol is ready and will be introduced Tuesday, said Catherine Altybaeva that on February 8, acting speaker of the regional Parliament, while roan is on vacation.

Chaly is on leave as a speaker, however, acting as Deputy, said its assistant Alexey Filimonov.

According to Altybaeva, the vote will be held at the regular meeting of the legislative Assembly, which is scheduled for March 22.

The document is ready and will be discussed at the meeting on 22 March, confirmed a source close to the sea.

Chaly announced his resignation as speaker on 29 December, explaining his decision unsatisfactory work of the Executive authorities of the region. “I think, first of all it should be responsible the person who headed the party list, declaring such purposes, that is me,” he said then. Chaly urged to resign and the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo, with whom he since 2014 the protracted conflict.

However, he remains the speaker of the Parliament up until the deputies would not confirm his resignation. Two and a half months no one took out the relevant resolution to a vote, so roan decided to do it myself, said a source in the local Parliament.

For approval of the resolution requires 13 votes out of 24. interviewed 20 members, of which 13 said that they would support the initiative Chaly if he will make it to a vote.

“Love can not be forced, although, of course, very sorry, it will be hard to replace,” — said the Deputy Sergei Kazhanov. Agree with him his colleague Yuri Kruglov, in his opinion, this decision Chaly, and “forcibly hold no one”.

The Deputy Evgeny Maschenko too “would care Chaly to the post of speaker”, but most likely will abstain.

According to the Deputy speaker of legislative Assembly Alexander Kulagin, the vote on the amendment is of a technical nature. “It is incorrect to say whether deputies vote for the resignation Chaly, since it was his voluntary decision. We cannot violate the will of Alexei Mikhailovich”, — he explained . Kulagin stressed that reserves the right to nominate Chaly to the post of speaker for a new term. Thus, in his opinion, the decree should be registered, who will perform the duties of the speaker after the withdrawal of the sea.

Altybaeva, in turn, noted that the question of what will take place Chaly, will be dealt with separately.

Member of the legislative Assembly and the head of regional Executive Committee “an United Russia” Boris Kolesnikov, who is considered a supporter of Menyailo and previously supported decision Chaly to resign as speaker, said he did not support the resolution. “These people [Chaly and his associates] were at the origin of development of the Crimea, want him to stay,” — said Kolesnikov.

Tatyana Shcherbakova, Sevastopol elected to Parliament in single-mandate constituency, would vote against the resolution. “I am convinced that this is the best candidate [for the office of the speaker of the legislative Assembly],” — said Shcherbakov, noting that he understands the reasons for leaving Chaly.

Chaly desire to resign due to the desire to “untie their hands” ahead of elections to the state Duma, and the reluctance of opponents to let him go also understandable: they understand that Chaly their replay, the analyst believes Abbas Gallyamov.

“Chaly deliberately goes to the aggravation. After the defeat of the local United Russia in the parliamentary elections, he hoped, to resign Menyailo any other Governor will suit him,” explains the analyst.

Popular in the region Chaly in the September elections will support his colleague Oleg Nikolaev, who is running from the Right cause, sure Gallyamov. It is obvious that a powerful campaign right odnomandatniki will worsen the list is the result of “United Russia”, explains the analyst. Menyailo, as any Governor in a similar situation, will suffer the consequences, summarizes Gallyamov.