The US found it difficult to estimate the impact of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

The United States watched the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, but to say what consequences will this step too early. This was stated on Tuesday during a briefing the official representative of the White house Josh Ernest.

“Obviously, we are going to observe these actions. Yet preliminary observations indicate that Russia fulfills a promise, but it is still too early to say anything about the impact this will have on the overall situation”, — quotes the words of Ernest Reuters. He added that Russia was not pre-warned the U.S. about his decision to leave Syria.

Last Monday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with heads of the ministries of defense and foreign Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Sergei Lavrov instructed to begin the withdrawal of the main forces of Russia from Syria. He explained this by the fact that the tasks that were set before the military in Syria, “generally made”.

Later, the press service of the Kremlin reported that Putin held a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama, during which he discussed with him the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. The report noted that the Russian President informed his American colleague about the reasons for his decision, explaining it by the fact that Russian aircraft in Syria has achieved the main objectives to combat international terrorism.

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On Tuesday it became known that the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry plans to visit Russia next week to meet with Vladimir Putin to discuss the resolution of the conflict in Syria. This was announced by Kerry journalists.

“With the cessation of hostilities, which is largely respected, the Declaration of Russia’s immediate withdrawal of half or more than half, parts — troops from Syria and the convening of political talks this week in Geneva, we reached a very important phase in this process [to resolve the situation in Syria],” said the Secretary of state.

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told TASS that the visit of Kerry being worked out.