Advisor of Bashar al-Assad did not rule out the return of Russian troops to Syria

In an interview with the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen boutaina of Shaaban, which Reuters calls one of the main advisors of President Bashar al-Assad, commented on Vladimir Putin’s decision to withdraw the bulk of the grouping of Military space forces from Syria. “If our Russian friends are withdrawing some of their forces, it does not mean that they will not be able to return to Syria,” – said Shaaban.

Adviser to al-Assad stressed that President Vladimir Putin did not exert pressure on Damascus: “Russia is our ally and friend, who respectfully speaks to us”, – she said.

Regarding future developments, Shaaban stressed that the Syrian army in its present state can not only maintain the successes of the past months success, but also free from fighters new territory.

According to adviser to Assad, following the conclusions of the Russian contingent of the international community to stop supplying weapons to opposition groups fighting against the government army. “The ball is now on the American side. Now the US should put pressure on Turkey and Saudi Arabia to stop funding terrorists and stop the supply of weapons in the country,” she added.

Buthaina Shaaban was the translator, even the father of the current President of Syria Hafez al-Assad, she then worked as an adviser at the Syrian foreign Ministry, and in recent years was the assistant of Bashar al-Assad’s foreign policy.

On 14 March, President Vladimir Putin gave the order to start from March 15, the withdrawal of the main part of the troops from Syria. On Tuesday, the defense Ministry started to withdraw troops, the first aircraft arrived in Voronezh.

However, the defense Ministry said that the Russian aviation group in Syria will continue to strike targets of terrorists.