Bidzina Ivanishvili Credit Suisse suspected of money laundering

Lawyers of the former Prime Minister and billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili on March 15 filed to the Prosecutor’s office of Geneva a new complaint against Credit Suisse, saying about a possible money laundering at the Swiss Bank, told Bloomberg on Wednesday.

In his statement Ivanishvili’s lawyers argue that Credit Suisse, giving your staff complete freedom of action, not established adequate procedures to prevent money laundering. “A limited acquaintance with the case materials revealed the facts that lead us to the conclusion that Credit Suisse had committed numerous acts of money laundering,” write the lawyers. As follows from the document, the alleged money laundering caused damage to Bidzina Ivanishvili, according to Bloomberg. The Agency notes that the complaint of the lawyer is based, including, on information received from management on fight against money laundering Switzerland (MROS).

The Prosecutor of Geneva has not responded to a request for comment. To contact the lawyer accused the Agency failed.

The first complaint against Credit Suisse in connection with the fraud and bad management of assets by Bidzina Ivanishvili, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $4.8 billion, filed in December 2015. In February, he appealed to the Geneva court with the claim about the losses incurred because of the actions of a Bank Manager who managed his investment portfolio.

The Swiss newspaper Le Temps wrote that as a result of actions of the Manager private equity at Credit Suisse, Ivanishvili lost 100 million francs ($101 million), and two more large customers Manager — 70 million francs ($70,9 million). Later the newspaper reported that the actions of the Manager Credit Suisse could suffer two Russian businessmen with “business relations with Gazprom. Names of victims the publication did not specify, but one of the customers the Manager called the party of the Russian Forbes report is former Senator Vitaly Malkin.

According to Le Temps, the Manager Credit Suisse did not have much experience in asset management and large clients from Russia and Georgia due to the knowledge of the Russian language. The Manager invested the money of Russian clients shares in the Austrian holding company Meinl European Land, and in 2007 when they collapsed, he lied to customers that went out of positions before the stocks fall, wrote Le Temps. According to the publication, to cover the losses of the two Russian customers, he took money from the accounts Ivanishvili, and to cover the minus in the account Ivanishvili, without his permission, had made large investments in Gazprom.

The name of the banker Le Temps did not call. The Wall Street Journal wrote that we are talking about Patrice Lescaudron, which currently is not working at Credit Suisse. According to Bloomberg, he was charged with fraud and criminal mismanagement of assets. It is located in Geneva in custody because the Prosecutor’s office suspects that on freedom it can leave Canton and go to France.

Credit Suisse previously said he is cooperating with the investigation. Amends the Bank does not recognize, laying all the responsibility on the former employee. In December, Credit Suisse also contacted the Geneva office of public Prosecutor with the complaint in which he accused former Manager of fraud and poor investment management.

The Bank considers itself as the only victims in the case. Earlier in March, Credit Suisse had appealed against the decision to grant Ivanishvili status of the injured party. As a result, the lawyers of Georgian billionaire has restricted access to the case materials.