Bloomberg admitted the deterioration of Russia’s relations with Iran over Syria

Officially, the foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif has called Russia’s decision to withdraw some military forces from Syria “positive sign” indicating faith in a truce, which operates the last three weeks. However, the Pro-Iranian regional Newspapers, which, according to the Agency Bloomberg, is a barometer of the mood in Tehran believe that Russia’s actions threaten the past achievements of the army of Bashar al-Assad and may force Iran to withdraw their troops from Syria.

“For Iran, the incident was a complete surprise,” said the head of the Center for the study of modern Iran in Moscow, Rajab Safarov, who, according to the Agency, have close contacts to the government in Tehran. “Obviously, the withdrawal of Russian troops will weaken the position of Bashar al-Assad in future negotiations with the opposition,” added the analyst.

According to Safarov, in Iran seriously fear that Russia considers to be “radical” outcome of events in Syria. “For Tehran, Syria without Bashar al-Assad is not Syria,” he said.

According to analysts Bloomberg, the growing desire of Russia to a diplomatic resolution of the Syrian conflict can drive a wedge in relations with Iran, because Tehran does not want the weakening of Assad and wants to keep its influence in Syria.

The publication indicates that despite the support of the government army by the Pro-Iranian Hezbollah, after the intervention of the Russian army HQs took the initiative in the war, which she seemed to be losing.

A surprise decision Vladimir Putin became and official representatives of the Syrian government (their names are not called), who said in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, which supports the current government in Damascus, specifies Agency. They noted the fact that on the withdrawal of Russian troops was announced at a time when the Syrian army approached the town of Palmyra captured by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). In an interview they criticized the agreement between Russia and the USA, which, in their opinion, weakened the pressure on the opposition.

On 14 March, President Vladimir Putin gave the order to start from March 15, the withdrawal of the main part of the troops from Syria. On Tuesday, the defense Ministry started to withdraw troops, the first aircraft arrived in Voronezh.

However, the defense Ministry said that the Russian aviation group in Syria will continue to strike targets of terrorists.

Since the beginning of the operation the Russian VKS Syrian government army occupied almost completely occupied the province of Latakia, as well as significantly advanced in the area of Hama, HOMS, Aleppo and South of Damascus. The army of Bashar al-Assad regained contact with the besieged enclaves of the terrorists and prevented the capture of terrorists of the IG of the city of Deir ez-Zor.