Currency borrowers dressed as homeless people and prisoners in front of the office of ROSBANK

Wednesday, March 16, the food exchange held a new protest rally in Moscow. About 30 of the borrowers, dressed as “homeless” and dressed in prison overalls, gathered with placards at the office ROSBANK on the street Masha poryvayeva. The protesters demanded a meeting with the management of ROSBANK, “DeltaCredit” is part of the international banking group Societe Generale. “We ask that the representatives of ROSBANK, the Bank having the same shareholders, acted as intermediaries in negotiations with borrowers “Deltakredit”. We are not satisfied with the conditions that the Bank offers borrowers who wish to convert their foreign currency loans into rubles”, — said the representative of the all-Russian movement of currency borrowers, Elena Belyaeva, who also took currency mortgages in the “DeltaCredit”.

Earlier in the week the Bank “DeltaCredit” reported that in February 2016 about 700 customers refinanced their loans into rubles. The Bank has offered its borrowers to use the program for state aid from the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML), which allows to reduce the size of the debt by 10%. In this case, the Bank agreed to reduce the debt by another 10% at the time of the refinancing of foreign currency loans into rubles. “Thus, the social category of borrowers can receive debt relief in the amount of up to 20%”, — underlined in the message Bank.

Those borrowers who are unable to use the help of the seller, “DeltaCredit” suggested a reduction in the amount receivable by 10%. At this rate translated into rubles the credit will be 10% per annum and may be reduced if the borrower’s children to 8.5% per annum.

According to Belyaeva, want to take a mortgage in rubles at “such conditions and to take on more debt in three times” a little.

The press service of ROSBANK said that they see the feasibility to act as a third party in the negotiations of borrowers of other banks with your creditor. “However, we took a statement from borrowers “Deltakredit” and consider it in due order.
Our programme of refinancing foreign currency mortgage is aimed exclusively at clients of Bank”, – said the press service of ROSBANK.

In a press-service of “DeltaCredit” stated that the Bank “is doing everything possible to find a joint solution that satisfies both parties”. “In February the Bank had special conditions the refinancing of dollar-denominated loans into rubles – the forgiveness of up to 20% of debt and the rate from 8.5% to 10% on new ruble-denominated loans. This proposal in February took advantage of 700 customers of the Bank.
We will continue to work with individual borrowers”, – said the “Deltakredit” .

With the beginning of the year currency borrowers have already held dozens of different shares from banks. In late January, the food handcuffed themselves to the building of the Bank “DeltaCredit” on Mokhovaya street in Moscow, and in February threw the Bank toy frogs. In early February, in the centre of Moscow about a hundred of currency borrowers blocked the street Neglinnaya, near the building of the Central Bank. Then there was a spontaneous demonstration in the offices of Raiffeisenbank Smolenskaya-Sennaya square in Moscow. 1 March of the current year currency borrowers broke in a reception “an United Russia” in Moscow. The food also held a rally and a mourning ceremony near the head office of RosEvroBank in the street Vavilov, “burying” the Bank’s reputation.

In early February, commenting on the situation of foreign currency borrowers, the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that banks themselves should deal with the problem of foreign currency mortgages. “We believe that banks should restructure foreign currency loans to the food, especially when it comes to families with low income and affordable housing”, she said at a meeting with bankers in boarding house “Bor”. Nabiullina also noted that it expects the work program to support borrowers who are in a difficult situation on which the government allocated to the seller 4.5 billion rubles.

According to the Central Bank, the number of borrowers on foreign currency mortgage housing loans in 2015 decreased by 22% in February 2016 25 thousand people (data for 18 credit institutions, which account for about 90% of the portfolio of lending in foreign currency). Debts on foreign currency mortgage loans decreased for the year by 25.9%, to $1.8 billion at the 1 January 2016. The number of newly granted foreign currency loans in 2015, compared with 2014 fell eight times (from 750 to 91 credits), and their volume by four times (from $192,5 million to $51.7 million). In 2015, the share of overdue foreign currency mortgage portfolio amounted to 20.3%, an increase from the beginning of the year by 7.7 PPT When borrowers having overdue by more than 90 days, about 8-10 thousand people.