In EP accused the Ministry of dereliction of tasks set by Putin

The Ministry of economic development of Russia “not quite cope” with the execution set by the President tasks, sure the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Martin Shakkum.

“In our view, the Ministry of economic development didn’t quite cope with the tasks set by the President”, – said the Deputy.

According to him, the Ministry of economic development must play a key role in the development of the national economy in the conditions of consistently low oil prices and international sanctions, but it turns out the office is not all.

“Today we turn the Minister’s attention to the fact that our victory in the foreign policy arena and our success depend on our success in the economy in our country,” – said Shakkum in anticipation of the “Governmental hour” with participation of the head of the MAYOR Alexei Ulyukayev (quoted by TASS).

The Deputy rebuked the leadership of the MAYOR that the Department is not enough, to simply draft the necessary bills, while during the great Patriotic war of the people for three months “were created beyond the Urals factories that produced products”.

Shakkum, in particular, recalled the request of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the shortest possible time to prepare the law on specinvtehnica guaranteeing businesses the public procurement of products for a long time, and pointed out that the MAYOR still “does not deign to make appropriate amendments in the state Duma”.

The MP also pointed to the President’s proposal to create a project office to support the largest projects in the areas of production, transport infrastructure and agriculture.

“It’s already four month in this area again, nothing is done”, – said United Russia.