In the Bank “Intercommerz” has revealed evidence of large-scale withdrawal of assets

According to data published by the Central Bank on 16 March, the value of the assets of the Bank “Intercommerz” has not exceeded 26.6 billion rubles when the value of the liabilities to creditors in the amount of 91.8 billion rubles. Thus, the hole in the Bank’s equity amounted to 65.2 billion rubles Earlier, representatives of the Central Bank stated that the hole may exceed 60 billion rubles.

A group of representatives from the Central Bank and ASV in the analysis of the financial position of the Bank has revealed evidence of large-scale withdrawal of assets.

“So, in the third decade of January 2016 by entering into transactions of sale and purchase of foreign currency from the Bank instead of the highly liquid assets have any requirements to non — resident companies with unknown creditworthiness for a total amount of not less than 4.1 billion rubles, and also carried out transactions with the encumbrance that resulted in the loss of assets amounting to not less than 4.3 billion rubles”, — said in a release the Central Bank.

The Central Bank also said that a large part of the credit portfolio of legal entities in the amount of 48.8 billion has signs of a “technical” loans.

The Central Bank withdrew the license at Intercommerz Bank on 8 February. On 1 January, according to Russian accounts, the portfolio companies amounted to 71 billion rubles.