In the center of Grozny was beaten by the head of the “Committee for the prevention of torture”

The attack

The attack on the head of “the Committee for the prevention of torture” Igor Kalyapin was committed on Wednesday evening, March 16. As told the representative of human rights organization Dmitry Utoken, to Calepino in a room in the hotel “Grozny city” came to the police officers and the administrator and asked him to leave the hotel without explanation. When Kalyapin left the building with things, he was attacked by “some young men in civilian clothes, beat him and threw eggs,” said Utoken.

Utoken said that it’s unknown how badly hurt Kalyapin. Kalyapin himself has failed to answer the call . According to Tokina, in Grozny Kalyapin was in connection with the incident, which occurred on March 9 near the Chechen-Ingush border: then unknown persons attacked employees of the “Committee for the prevention of torture” and journalists. The attackers pulled the journalists out and beat them, and a van was set on fire, then fled in the direction of Chechnya.

After the attack was initiated a criminal case under part 2 of article 213 of the criminal code (hooliganism), article 162 (“robbery”) and item 167 of the criminal code (deliberate destruction of property). Victims and witnesses in the case were taken under Gassaway.

The defeat of the apartment

Three hours after the incident unknown people tried to penetrate into the headquarters of the human rights defenders of the joint mobile group of the Committee for the prevention of torture in the Ingush village of Yandare. According to Tokina, armed men came to the office on five machines, one of them turned off the surveillance camera installed at the entrance, three others, according to him, climbed into the room through the window.

“People in camouflage uniforms and masks, armed with automatic weapons,” described the attackers Utoken, noting that they were “professionally equipped”. According to the lawyer, unknown tried to knock a metal door. In conversation with Utoken specified that the apartment was used, it only rested members of the Committee. The existence of this office defenders have tried to keep secret. The main work was carried out in Grozny, as a staging post in the Ingush village was organized after the pogrom in the Grozny office in June 2015.

The confrontation between Kadyrov and Kalyapin

The Committee for the prevention of torture (formerly the Committee against torture) have a long history of confrontation with the Chechen authorities. After the terrorist attack in Grozny in December 2014, when it was captured the House of press, Ramzan Kadyrov proposed to demolish the family homes of terrorists to punish them for the actions of relatives. In response, the head CAT, a member of the presidential Council on human rights Igor Kalyapin appealed to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s office to verify the words of the Chechen leader. Soon in Grozny, a rally was held where participants came with posters against Kalyapin. After the completion of the action unknown set fire to office of the Committee against torture in Grozny.

Re-office of human rights defenders was defeated crowd in June 2015. Private broadcasting channel “Grozny” then called the event “the picket of public organizations and representatives of civil society of the Republic” who “was outraged by the disregard of human rights defenders in the murder of a Chechen businessman Dadaeva”. Himself Kadyrov said that human rights defenders “deliberately provoked an incident with a goal to once again become famous in the world press, to become owners of new American grants”.