Meet the biggest oil exporters moved from Russia to Qatar

Representatives of the largest oil exporters meet in Qatar on April 17, reports Reuters referring to the statement by the Minister of energy of Qatar.

According to the Agency Bloomberg, energy Minister of Qatar said that on April 17, the representatives of Saudi Arabia,
Russia, Venezuela, Qatar, will discuss the freezing of the level of oil production at the January level.

Earlier today that a meeting of exporters will happen in the Qatari capital, Doha, have informed sources Bloomberg.

In early March, the oil Minister of Nigeria Emmanuel Cacique stated that the meeting will take place on 20 March in Moscow. Later this information was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of oil industry of Iraq Fayad al.

Later, Reuters, citing its sources reported that the meeting was in jeopardy. According to the Agency, Iran has not agreed to join this arrangement.

In February, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar have agreed to freeze oil production at the January level under the condition of accession to the agreement by other major exporters. About the possibility of holding a meeting in Moscow on 20 March to reach a final agreement, said the Minister of oil of Nigeria Emmanuel Cacique and the Deputy Minister of oil industry of Iraq Fayad al.