Miller asked Putin’s last major oil field in Russia

Elginskoe oil field in Western Siberia — the last of the largest discovered fields in mainland of Russia, the licence for which is still in the undistributed Fund. Explored and preliminary estimated reserves of oil and gas area amount to 103 million tonnes and 100 billion cubic meters respectively. The field is located to the West of the Priobskoye field, which are already developing “Rosneft” (from the North) and “Gazprom oil” (from the South). According to the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy, the Agency plans to announce contest for development of Elginskogo plot in the second or third quarter of 2016. Initial payment will amount to 6.5 billion rubles.

Be in possession of the last letter from the Chairman of the Board of “Gazprom” and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller, President Vladimir Putin about the fate of Elginskogo field. In it, Miller asks Putin to instruct the government to include in tender documentation for the sale of the two requirements for a licensee. The first is to recycle 100% of raw materials to Russian refineries for production of fuels below Euro-5, the second to enter the Deposit into commercial operation not later than one year after receiving the license. According to the head of “Gazprom”, such requirements will allow “Gazprom oil” “to form a more competitive position and to offer the most efficient scheme of development of a subsoil”.

Miller tells Putin that Urginsky plot is a natural extension of the southern part of the Priobskoye field, but “Gazprom oil” are unable to exercise the right prirezki this area due to the imperfection of the law “On subsoil”. It can be done if the oil reserves in Aginskom the site did not exceed 20% of the reserves of the Priobskoye field, and they were bigger and so were included in the list of sites of Federal significance. “Gazprom oil” will master Urginsky the area as efficiently as possible ensure the receipt of additional taxes and create new jobs in Siberia, promises Miller. The extracted raw materials will be supplied on the most modern, environmentally friendly plants with a maximum depth of processing. Crude oil refining “Gazprom oil” in Omsk refinery, and gas, writes Miller, — priobskiy gas processing plant.

Putin instructed the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy, to review, and report on the proposal of Miller. A source in Rosnedra (subordinated to the Ministry of environment) said that the tender documentation will be ready soon, but the government only partially going to meet the wishes of the head of “Gazprom”. Among the conditions of the contest will be the requirement to process 100% of raw materials to Russian refineries with a high level of processing, however, the requirements on Euro-5 will not. The timing of the development of the field will also be less strict: the winner of the contest will be obliged during the year to prepare the field development project and to put it into operation not later than two years from the date of obtaining the license. “The inclusion of any other requirements may lead to violation of the law and with a high degree of probability will be challenged in court,” warns the source .

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the official correspondence of the head. According to the press Secretary Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, the conditions of competition for development Elginskogo deposits in the government has not yet been reported. The Ministry says that documents in high degree of readiness and will soon be sent. It confirms the requirement to recycle all produced at the oilfield hydrocarbons at domestic plants and to prepare a draft of the field development a year after the state registration of the license, refraining from comment on the timing of the start of production.

Earlier “Gazprom oil” has confirmed officially the interest in Aginskom field. In November last year talked about this “Interfax” the head of the company Alexey Vashkevich. According to him, there will be high competition: “I Think, there all will participate — this is the last major area of Federal significance”. The representative of “Gazprom oil” said Wednesday that the company is still interested in participating in the contest and ready to meet the stated criteria.

A source in Rosnedra said that interest in the field Elginskom also shown Rosneft and Independent oil and gas company (NOC) Eduard Hudaynatova. The employee of Rosneft is confident that his company and “Gazprom oil” roughly equal chances of winning, if the government will insist on its version of documentation. According to the source in “Rosneft”, the company will be able in two years to start extracting oil, but with the processing gas may be difficult. A source in “Gazprom oil” reminds that “Rosneft” there are no nearby processing facilities, and at “Gazprom oil” also nearby is the Omsk refinery. In the opinion of the employee “Rosneft”, to solve the problem with the processing of gas through swap operations with other market participants.

A source in “Surgutneftegaz” does not exclude the interest to participate in the contest and said that the company is preparing a feasibility study of the project, which will show whether there is any benefit to buying the asset. The company also has not yet decided whether he will go on the auction, said the Manager of the company.

In a press-services “Gazprom”, “Rosneft”, “Surgutneftegaz”, LUKOIL and NOC on the request is not answered.

According to Andrey Polishchuk from Raiffaisenbank, the language proposed by Miller might not be scare of potential participants, such as LUKOIL or Surgutneftegaz. Although they don’t have their own refinery near the Deposit, they can send raw swap in the plants of competitors, including the Ufa oil refinery “Bashneft” and the Samara refineries of Rosneft, Polishchuk agree with the employee “Rosneft”. To start oil production during the year is harder, but possible with a substantial investment, said Polishchuk. According to his forecast, the payment for the license to Aginskoe the field as a result of trades may increase to 32.5 billion rubles, if the asset will be fought. He recalled that Similarthe field in West Siberia with reserves of about 200 million tonnes of oil was sold for 50.8 billion rubles LUKOIL, them. Trebs and Titov oilfields with reserves of 140 million tonnes at 18.2 billion rubles in Bashneft.

Valery Nesterov from Sberbank CIB believes that the hard timing of input of deposits in operation will be a major barrier to participation in the contest. “Quickly start to produce oil on an industrial scale there is only company that would be willing to make major investments in drilling, and now almost all market participants reduced costs for these purposes”, — said Nesterov.