Natalya Kaspersky will create a new direction in business

New resident

CEO of InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky said that in six months will open a new direction in business and monitoring information attacks. Now she, in his own words, talks with President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov that her new company was given the status of a resident of the innovation center “Innopolis”.

This was confirmed by the representative of the “Innopolis” Diana Permyakova and the representative of the Ministry of Informatization and communications of Tatarstan Yuliya Garayeva.

Kasperskaya intends to gather information about targeted attacks on people, companies or the government. Specialist will aggregate this data and publish for members who will be able to see a list of actual threats in real time, she says: it can prevent attacks that, as a rule, repeated.

At the initial stage can be done by two analysts, says Kaspersky, but if there will be a lot of threats, we have to increase staff. According to her, the contents of such an organization in the beginning will cost less than 500 thousand rubles per month.

It is counting on orders from the government and state companies, perhaps for the status of “Federal monitoring center”. About necessity of creation of such center kasperskaya spoke at the meeting of Vladimir Putin with representatives of Russian IT-companies in December 2015. The centre should become the analogue of the detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks (the HILL) the Federal security service (FSB), noted she. As an example, kasperskaya told about the attack on the clients of Sberbank in December 2014: misinformation on the Internet has led to the appearance of the queue to the ATM, went to Ukrainian accounts, and brought “enormous damage to the country.”

Benefits from the “Innopolis”

The creation of special economic zone “Innopolis” was supervised by the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov in 2011, when he held the position of Vice-Premier and Minister of Informatization and communications of Tatarstan. Investment in the science city already amounted to 26 billion rubles, said the new Minister of Tatarstan Roman Shaikhutdinov in June 2016.

Companies that are residents of the Innopolis get a whole range of benefits — lack of income tax and land tax for five years, favorable lease terms and purchase of housing for employees of resident companies, the lack of involvement of foreigners and others.

Now residents of Innopolis are 15 companies including the developer of IT solutions for Acronis, the company to prevent and investigate cybercrime Group-IB, a developer of automation systems “Aton” and others.

By 2024, the number of residents exceed 350 companies, which will create 13 thousand jobs, said in 2014, the Secretary of the Supervisory Board of “Innopolis” Igor Nosov. The revenue of these companies will be limited to 177 billion rubles, and the amount of tax deductions — 33,65 billion rubles, he said.

Future competitors

InfoWatch competitor — the company “Kaspersky Lab” (Natalya kasperskaya was a co-founder of the company, but now has no connection to it) is also planning to open in the “Innopolis” “center to protect against external cyber attacks,” he will specialize in solutions for the petrochemical industry. The timing of the creation are the same — six months, said Director of business development security of critical infrastructure, “Kaspersky Lab” Andrei Suvorov. Called the cost of the project, he refused.

In June 2015 a similar project was launched, the Central Bank — “center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sector” (FinCERT). Its specialists collect information about incidents from banks, insurance companies and brokers — they have no obligation to provide data, but, according to the Central Bank, will be interested in order to get Analytics FinCERT.

The cost of creating and FinCERT content consists of the salary Fund of its employees (a staff of eight people) and the cost of technical equipment, said the representative of the Central Bank: the amount has not been disclosed.

Now FinCERT cooperates with 260 partners, 226 of which — credit institutions, he added. According to him, since the establishment of the centre, its staff sent to financial institutions for more than 70 notifications about the various incidents, identified security vulnerabilities and threats. For the first quarter of 2016 with the participation of FinCERT managed to prevent the theft amounting to more than 1.5 billion rubles, said the representative of the Central Bank.

If in Russia will create a Federal monitoring center, the Central Bank is ready to cooperate with him, he added .