Peskov denied media reports that the operation in Syria has cost Russia 38 billion rubles

Peskov denied media reports that the operation in Syria has cost Russia 38 billion rubles

MOSCOW, March 16. In the Kremlin reiterate that the decision about sending of the Russian military abroad is made by the President based on the approval of the Parliament.

“The decision to send Russian military contingents in foreign countries based on the authorization received from the Federal Assembly by the President of the Russian Federation. In each case it was his (the President) the decision of any other hypothetical reasoning here can not be”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

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From Russia with support of: results of the Russian military operation in Syria
As the Russian military helped to achieve a truce – in the special

He replied in the affirmative to the question about what is at the moment a new request from the military authorities of Syria have not been reported.

A Kremlin spokesman also explained that Hamim and Tartus wrong to call “bases”. “Bases include capital structure, nor there, nor there capital construction is not conducted”, – he explained. According to Peskov, “this terminological distinction, but in the full sense of the word, these objects cannot be called now bases”. “The facilities are functioning, they remain, they are well protected from the air, by land and sea”, – said the press Secretary of the Russian leader.

Peskov denied media reports that the operation in Syria has cost Russia 38 billion. “No, it’s not the same as (with our data), you’d have to ask the esteemed publication, how would he know about such spending,” he advised journalists.

About military logistics

A Kremlin spokesman refused to answer questions about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. “This is a question for the military,” said Sands about a timetable for withdrawal. He also did not specify how air and marine – military displays and equipment. “You’re asking me about military logistics, of course, it is better to address in the defense Ministry”, recommended that the President’s press Secretary.

March 15

The Ministry of defense posted a video of his return from Syria the first air group VC Russia

As have informed in management a press-services and information of the defense Ministry that today another group of planes VKS RF, flew from Syria to Russia. “The group – “leader” – the Il-76 aircraft as well as aircraft-su-25″, – explained in the Ministry.

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin ordered March 15 to start withdrawing the main part of the VC group from Syria. According to him, the tasks that were set before the military, “generally made”. In this case, before the Deputy defense Minister, state Secretary Nikolay Pankov said that the strikes against the terrorists would continue.

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