Scientific approach: why is the law valley of the Moscow state University is not like University

Scientific approach: why is the law valley of the Moscow state University is not like University

A controversial bill

The bill the Ministry of economic development “technology valley” was published on the website in the evening of 4 March, on the public hearing, the developer took only two weeks. Both began to guide MSU as an unpleasant surprise, said a source close to the administration. The Ministry of economic development Moscow state University were not invited to discuss the draft law and sent it to the University for approval, was confirmed by the doctor of legal Sciences, head of chair of history of state and law of juridical faculty of Moscow state University Vladimir Tomsinov (part of a working group with the rector to draft proposals on the future of the University of the valley).

The main complaint of Moscow state University to bill the Ministry of economic development is that according to this document, the head of the valley project — ranging from area development to the choice of research areas will not MSU, and specially created state holding companies. She also goes to some of the land assigned to the University. 261 for the year of the MSU power never took decisions on the withdrawal of his land, is indignant Tomsinov.

MSU leads the development of the concept of scientific-technological valley since 2013, the main ideologist of the project is Victor Sadovnichy is the permanent rector of Moscow state University since 1992. “A few years ago, I put forward the idea of creating a scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University”, — said Sadovnichy itself in January 2015 (quoted by the official website of the University). The cost of the project it was estimated at 110 billion rubles ($1.6 billion at current exchange rates) and was told that this valley “inside a classic University,” Russia will build first. All the questions of the beginning of construction worked out, MSU is ready to start designing, Sadovnichiy reported to President Vladimir Putin in October.

The spokesman said that MSU should have been involved in drafting the bill as “contributing artist”. On 26 February, the Department sent the University a letter (is available) on the need for a rapid timetable to submit their proposals. But sent “Mail of Russia” came to the notice of the University only on 9 March — after the publication of the bill, says the representative of the Moscow state University. Now the University is trying to slow down the adoption of the law. The University has already sent Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich a request to form a working group with representatives from MSU and “to present the results of its work [on the bill] for a broad discussion”, said a representative of the University.

The land question

If the bill is approved in the government and approved by the state Duma, MSU will lose a huge area (about 100 hectares), located at the Lomonosov Prospekt (the so-called new territory of the Moscow state University), writes Tomsinov in his review, which he posted on (in the procedure of public discussion of the draft law) and Gardening. It is illegal because the land on which valley should be, “are Federal property and are located near MSU on the right of perpetual use, and built their building on the basis of operational management”, says the Professor. According to the law about MSU this property can not be privatized (the transfer of the ownership of the management company, albeit state, would be legally equivalent to privatisation), the lawyer explains.

A source in the Ministry confirmed that the scheme of removing from the Moscow state University of land for the valley is discussed. It is assumed that the right of perpetual use of land will be discontinued and it will be deposited as a contribution to the capital of the new management company. The idea about the fact that the valley project will deal with the management company, was brought to the leadership of the University, says the source .

Big construction

One of the interested parties in the project valley of the Moscow state University was previously called the company “Inteko” the family of Mikhail Gutseriev and Mikail shishhanov. “Inteko” and the Moscow state University were the customers of the project planning area of the valley of the Moscow state University and adjoining areas. The project the government approved in October of 2015 (its developer was the Genplan Institute of Moscow).

The project covers an area of 242 hectares between Lomonosovsky Prospekt, Vernadsky Prospekt and borders of residential areas along Michurinsky Prospekt and Udaltsova street. From this land of about 100 hectares is in termless using the Moscow state University, and more than a third of the territories belongs to Moscow, the remainder is in Federal ownership, it follows from the presentation of the project (the exact numbers there is). The final decision on the boundaries of the site, which should be placed under the project of the valley would be determined by the government, follows from the draft law the Ministry of economic development.

According to the project plan made by request “Inteko”, this area should be constructed of 1.25 million square meters of real estate. From universities is a scientific body, the Polytechnic Museum, a school for gifted children, the hostel is only about 430 thousand sq. m. the same document provides for the construction of 704 thousand square meters of commercial housing, including 190 thousand square meters on the ground MSU.

Given the location most appropriate here would be to build housing business class, believes managing partner of consulting company Colliers International Nikolay Kazansky. “In this class, this project, apparently, could become the largest in Moscow,” he says. The sale price of housing here can be on average about 250 thousand rubles. for 1 sq. m, Kazan considers. So in total, the developer would be able to save more than 175 billion rubles.

But the bill the Ministry of economic development does not imply commercial development, says a source in the Ministry. The use of the valley in private interests unrelated to science, excluded, and claims a source close to the presidential administration. Earlier in the MSU “easily gave away significant chunks of the earth” in the framework of investment contracts, but now the decision has to go through the state, he says.

“Inteko” has already built objects for MSU under contracts entered into in 2002 and 2006. The University has made to contribute its land, it has built housing and 30% flats on account of compensation for land transferred to the University, has previously described the scheme of cooperation Sadovnichy. Proceeds from the sale of apartments money went, according to him, the construction of educational buildings.

That has built for MSU Inteko

Since 2002 INTECO built the building of the Fundamental library of Moscow state University (55 thousand sq. m.), educational building №1 (of 93 thousand square meters), first and foremost a hostel for the students (77 thousand sq m). And residential facilities — residential complex “Shuvalovsky” at the intersection of Michurinsky and Lomonosovsky prospectuses (407 thousand sq m) and the LCD “dominion” on Lomonosovsky Prospekt (404 sq m). The total area of the objects “Inteko” for MSU or under construction, amounts to 341 thousand square meters, the reference, which the company has provided .

Whether “Inteko” to participate in the construction of new facilities in the framework of the project valleys, the press service of the company has not commented. “The draft plan we passed, that’s all, — said the President “Inteko” Oleg Solomenski. — Will we qualify for this project, now to tell difficult”. According to the Manager, the solution will depend on the format of the project: “was That investment activity, contractor activity? While this is not defined.” Solomenskiy also said that the draft law “On technological valley” he did not see and about the creation of the management of state company doesn’t know.

The law of one

MSU counted that will manage the project valley is one of the University bodies, not third-party management company, says Tomsinov. “We hope all of this [draft Ministry of economic development] to slow down and hope that this working group with our participation”, — says the Professor.

In its current form the draft law on technological valley almost repeats the law about “SKOLKOVO”, adopted in 2010, including provisions of the management company, the benefits for project participants, etc. the Valley turn into the second edition of “SKOLKOVO”, even though the projects there is an important distinction, notes Tomsinov. SKOLKOVO was created from scratch, and the valley is planned to build on the educational and scientific base MSU. Moscow state University, as a cooperator in the drafting of the law, must submit their proposals, says the spokesman.

The Ministry wrote the bill is not about a specific “valley of the Moscow state University” and “technology valleys” in this model bill, developed on behalf of Vladimir Putin, says a source close to the presidential administration, and confirms the representative of the Ministry of economic development. In the text of the draft law of the Moscow state University is not mentioned at all — only in the explanatory Memorandum. The law Putin has charged to develop in February, is responsible for this was appointed Dvorkovich.

The bill has already been sent for review to other universities that also plan to develop their territories, in particular in St. Petersburg state University, far Eastern and Krasnoyarsk universities, says one of the interlocutors .

MSU really needs to connect to the work on the bill, but not on the principle of “it’s the right or wrong law”, but on the principle “fit the law to the University or not,” says a source close to the presidential administration. But “we must remember that the land belongs to the state, not MSU, and MSU is a public, not a private University”, says the source , “neither the rector or the academic Council or staff should not forget that it is not private and collective ownership”. As will be eventually resolved the question of the establishment of the managing company, the person to predict not taken, but fears Moscow state University on this occasion believed in vain: “what’s the problem? They are afraid that kickbacks into the wrong hands go?”

Unknown managers

Who will direct the management company of the valley of the Moscow state University, if established, is unclear, argue all the sides . But according to bill the Ministry of economic development, the range of its powers will be very wide. She will issue permission for construction and commissioning of facilities on the territory of the valley, including infrastructure. She will prepare and independently approve the General plan for the valley, rules of land use and development and documentation for planning the territory — coordination of the project General plan with the authorities is not required.

Finally, the company’s Charter will specify research areas in the valley, and she will self-monitor how these studies are consistent with the rules and objectives of the project.

This is contrary to the plans Sadovnichy, who has previously said that the research clusters of the valley has been thought through (Biomedicine, nanotechnology, robotics, space, etc.). As for building a system of interaction with the business — that is, “with future and a welcome resident of” the valley responds “Inpractice” is a brand that unites two non-profit organizations (MSU Centre of national intellectual reserve and Fund “National intellectual development”). Talked about this in October in an interview to “Interfax” the head of “Inpractice” Katerina Tikhonova.

To questions about the conflict around the bill, the representative of “Inpractice” was told only that her position in the dispute concerning this document reflect the views of MSU.

Tikhonov and “Inpractice” figured in the investigation devoted to the project of the valley of the Moscow state University. After investigation by Reuters and Bloomberg wrote, citing the multiple sources that Tikhonova is the daughter of President Vladimir Putin. Putin himself at a press conference in December 2015 is not confirmed, nor denied.

“Inpractice” participates in the scientific-technological valley, “along with many other structures of the University,” said Tikhonov in last year’s interview to “Interfax” and emphasized: “We do not control, and certainly not deal with financial issues”.

To talk about the management company and its potential leaders while early — the bill under consideration, says a source close to the presidential administration. The bill might be radically revised — if universities, for example, will send negative feedback, allow it.

Dvorkovich’s representative was unable to answer questions on the controversial bill. Help “SKOLKOVO” in its development was limited to the counselling unit of the Fund “SKOLKOVO”, which is the managing company of the cluster, said a source in the organization. The representative of the Ministry of education announced that the Department is actively working with the Ministry of economic development. Russian Academy of Sciences, on the contrary, “while not directly participated in the drafting of the bill,” said Vice-President of the RAS Sergey Aldoshin, but the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov has already instructed to join this process.

With the participation of Svetlana Reiter, Anna deriabinoi