The court arrested the Deputy head of the Ministry of culture on charges of embezzlement

Lefortovsky court of Moscow has accepted the decision on arrest of the Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Grigory Pirumov suspected of plunder of budgetary funds. He is arrested until may 10, the correspondent .

In confirmation of his guilt, the investigation admitted the transcripts of telephone conversations of detainees, which, according to the prosecutors, they discussed the amounts of bribes to ensure victory in the competition.

The difference in price

In the cage for defendants Pirumova brought fighters of the FSB in masks. They advised him to hide his face from cameras and cameras. Large, dark-skinned, with tousled hair, he sat down on the dock.

The issue of his arrest, the judge Margarita Kotova were supposed to be on Tuesday night. But his lawyer Fedor Kupriyanov asked for time to review the case file — as a result the court has postponed hearings for a day.

In court, the investigator of the FSB requested the Deputy Minister to conclude under arrest: might abscond, continue criminal activities.

As it became known in court, the investigation considers Pirumova organized criminal group, which included the other detainees in 2012. According to the prosecution, in the spring of 2015 they have made of the conclusion of state contracts with their subordinate company ZAO “Stroifaza” for the restoration of Novodevichy convent, a total amount of 127 million rubles. The consequence insists that the band members had falsified the certificates of completion and inflated their value. The result from April to December the company had transferred advance payment in 50 million roubles from the budget.

In evidence the investigation admitted the transcripts of telephone conversations of detainees, which, according to the prosecutors, they discussed the amounts of bribes to ensure victory in the competition. The main evidence in the case until the investigation calls the results of check the audit chamber, which a few years ago found that the cost of works carried out by contractors was overstated by 25%.

Active restorer

The Pirumov and his lawyer asked Kupriyanov to put officials under house arrest in an apartment in the centre of the capital in Lavrushinsky lane or release under recognizance not to leave. Kupriyanov admitted the positive response, signed by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. In it, the Minister in particular pointed out that through the efforts of his Deputy during the last years many cultural heritage sites have been restored.

In addition, the lawyer showed the judge the medals and awards of the principal, including from the Russian Orthodox Church.

He insisted that Pirumov has no intention to abscond, he doesn’t even have a passport. “A real opportunity to escape from law enforcement, this is possible only with criminal-infested parts of society. But my client is clean”, — Kupriyanov performed.

The lawyer argued that the true purpose of the arrest is an attempt by the investigator to have on Pirumova pressure. “Does this qualify as torture,” said Kupriyanov.

“As a person positive and not prone to illegal actions, I have no such friends in the UK And the FSB, to influence the course of the investigation,” played himself Pirumov and asked me not to send him to jail. The lawyer also made documents confirming that the Deputy Minister suffer from chronic diseases.

Innocent and sick

Together with Pirumov investigators arrested another five people: the Director of the Department of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, the Director under the Ministry of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Contrastively” Oleg Ivanov, the head of the company Baltstroy Alexander Kochenov and Director of the company Dmitry Sergeyev, adviser and CEO of the company “Linnet-consult” Nikita Kolesnikov.

First, on Tuesday evening, the court sent the detention center Sergeeva, despite his claims that he is innocent. Kotova then the judge adjourned the issue of election of a measure of restraint Kochenova for two days — until March 17. His lawyers insisted that their principal had recently undergone serious cancer, and was treated in Germany, and it cannot be placed in a detention facility. They have requested time to collect the certificate.

On Wednesday, the court also arrested M and Ivanov. Both the defendant and their lawyers asked to place suspects under house arrest. All the defendants in the case until you admit guilt.