The demand for recreation in Crimea has increased against the background of rising prices by 20%

“High enough”season

Statistics of early bookings of flights and hotels in Crimea suggests that demand for beach holidays on the Peninsula this year is growing substantially. Thus, according to the website to find tickets Skyscanner, the number of bookings of flights to Simferopol with the beginning of the year may—September 2016 17.5% higher than the same period last year. According to the portal the sale of tickets to the Crimea for the holiday period from the beginning of the year to 15 March 2016, compared with the same period in 2015, increased by 46%, increase in sales of tickets to Simferopol departure from Moscow was 62%.

Place in the small hotels of the Crimea for the summer season are already sold out, says the Chairman of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Valentyna Marnopolskaya. “Those hotels that work with tour operators and provide booking service through the Internet, is already sold out, she says. — Last year in March was not such a stir, some hotels started to book only with the onset of the summer season. Overall, I think the growth of tourist flow to the Crimea this year will make about 20%”.

According to major domestic tourism tour operator “Alian”, the number of bookings for summer holidays in the Crimea has increased this year three times. The representative of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Turina said that now there is a surge in early bookings in the Crimea. Managing a small hotel “nice” in Yalta Elena oreshnikova has told that the rooms at the hotel start booking in February. “I don’t see hype, but the season promises to be good, she says. — Overall, the number of bookings for the summer are now about 20-30% more than last year.” The increasing demand oreshnikova connects with the closure of the budget directions — Turkey and Egypt — and Russian policy aimed at stimulating domestic tourism. Expects growth in the number of guests and hotel complex “Yalta-Intourist”, the representative of the hotel Anastasia Band.

The first tourist season in the annexed to Russia the Crimea was a failure: the number of tourists to the Peninsula, according to official data, decreased by 34% to 3.8 million tourists, primarily due to the reduction in the number of Ukrainian tourists. But last year the flow began to recover in 2015, according to the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea, the growth rate was 21% — on the Peninsula rested almost 4.6 million tourists. This year, the growth rate may reach at least 20%, said last week the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. “The tourist potential of Crimea is huge. In my opinion, today Crimeans are ever willing to receive tourists, not only from the Russian Federation, — said Aksenov. Given the fact that Russian tourists are closed to Turkey and Egypt, we believe that we have this year will be quite high holiday season”. Thus, in 2016 the Peninsula can reach around 5.5 million people — it is much closer to 2013 levels, when on the Peninsula rested 5.8 million tourists.

On the reorientation to the domestic market have already stated, many of the biggest tour operators of Russia. After the termination of a Charter air links with Turkey about to enter the market of domestic tourism, said the Tour operator Tez Tour, which previously engaged only in international destinations. It is primarily on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region, said in an interview in January, co-owner Tez Tour Alexander Burtin, however, clarified that the company is considering and the opportunity to work in Crimea. Domestic tourism for the first time this winter, started the international tour operator TUI, that market said “Natalie tours”.

Demand is growing — grow and prices

Increasing not only the demand for recreation in Crimea, but also the prices. In the new season, they have grown up, admits Valentina Marnopolskaya: “this year the average price of a double room in a small hotel on the Eastern coast of the Crimea is 2.4 thousand rubles per night. Last year a similar room cost about 400 rubles. cheaper on average by 20%”. According to “Aleana”, last year to rent double room on the Western coast of the Crimea was in average 2.1 thousand rubles per day, this year — for 2.6 thousand rubles.

The rise in prices, according to Tarnopolsky, is that in past years the Crimeans had to reduce prices to attract tourists from Russia. “It was important that the Russians knew what Crimea, she explains. Everyone understood that it is better to work without revenue, but to attract tourists. This year the situation has changed, because expenditure has risen hoteliers, including utilities”.

The room rate in three-star hotel “Optima Sevastopol” has grown this year due to a General price increase on the market of food and non-food items, has explained the representative of the hotel. How increased rates, he said. According to Cristata, in 2015, inflation in Kazakhstan was twice higher than in Russia overall, 27.6 per cent vs. 12.9 per cent.

“Price growth this year will be necessary, — Irina Tyurin agrees. In the country everything is expensive, so why tourist resorts should keep pictures?” The average vacation in Crimea this year will be more expensive by 15-20%, it predicts.