The Ministry of defense: a completed preparations for the next group of planes for his trip from Syria to Russia

MOSCOW, March 16. Completed training another group of VC aircraft to fly from Syria to Russia, have informed in Management a press-services and information of the Russian defense Ministry.

“At the airbase Hamim completed the next group of aircraft aerospace forces to rebase at airfields in the Russian Federation”, – noted in the Ministry of defense.

It was said that “engineering and technical staff completed the collection of equipment, logistical means and equipment for aircraft military transport aviation”.

Planes from the air base Hamim “will perform the flights at the permanent deployment on the territory of Russia air transports escorted by planes Military-transport aircraft”. “When you run a long flight on a distance of more than 5 thousand km the aircraft will make a stopover at the airports of the Russian Federation for refueling and control of the technical condition,” – reported in management.

In accordance with the order of the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to the instructions given on the relocation of 15 March 2016 on the territory of the Russian Federation the basic part of group of the Russian Armed Forces, carrying out tasks to destroy the terrorists on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.