The Russian foreign Ministry: attempts by Western media to represent the operation in Syria, “the new Afghanistan” failed

The Russian foreign Ministry: attempts by Western media to represent the operation in Syria, “the new Afghanistan” failed

MOSCOW, March 16. The attempt to present the actions of the Russian Federation HQs in Syria as “the new Afghanistan” was an information campaign that failed.

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This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We have to understand that it was a well-planned, rich information campaign to ensure that the Russian space forces imagined as the “new Afghanistan”, – said Zakharov on the radio station “Moscow speaking”. Because it’s too painful for us and has for almost everyone”.

“On the other hand, of course, all this campaign has failed,” she added.

According to the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, this approach cannot be considered real journalism.

“First of all, we were there for themselves”

Maria Zakharova stressed that the Russian HQs in Syria acted solely in the interests of the Russian Federation and the fight against terrorism.

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“We didn’t strengthen, but indeed strengthened the position of official real Syrian army that is controlled by Damascus in their fight against terrorist groups. First of all, we were there for themselves. It must be clearly understood. This is the pragmatism, which in no way contradict either the patriotism or anything,” said she. The diplomat noted that the position of the current head of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad will not loosen after the decision on the withdrawal of the main part VC of the Russian Federation from Syria.

According to her, a political settlement in Syria was launched not in theory, but directly at the negotiating table. “We have created a military channel of communication with the United States that in manual mode, solve pressing issues,” she said.

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin ordered March 15 to start withdrawing the main part of the VC group from Syria. According to him, the tasks that were set before the military, “generally made”. In this case, before the Deputy defense Minister, state Secretary Nikolay Pankov said that the strikes against the terrorists would continue.