The state Duma will be less work because of the celebration of the annexation of Crimea

Short day for deputies

The state Duma on Friday will work two hours less: the vote will be moved from 17:00 to 15:00, said the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Vladimir Rodin authorised by the party to organize the participation of Communists in the campaign. “The presumption is that the decision rules of work on Friday, the Duma Council will on Thursday,” — said Rodin.

The deputies can finish before the plenary session on Friday because of the holiday rally, said the Deputy from the LDPR Yaroslav Nilov. At the faction meeting it was decided that the MPs will participate in the rally-concert in honor of the annexation of Crimea, he explained. To do this, the Duma may shorten the working day, abandoning the traditional two-hour break before this time. Under the same scenario, the Duma did last year.

According to the homeland, the question of a short day in the Duma in day of anniversary of the annexation of Crimea was discussed Tuesday at a special meeting, which “was attended by all stakeholders”. The Deputy refused to specify who and where he conducted the meeting, saying only that participants were given about 30 common slogans and “pressure.”

Together again

Sunday on Vasilevsky descent from 16:00 to 18:30 will be held a rally-concert “We are together!” in honor of the second anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, said first Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber Vyacheslav Bocharov. The public chamber will organize the event, the declared number of participants to 10 thousand persons. They will sing Joseph Kobzon, Valeria, Zara, Denis Maidan and “the City 312”.

All interested people can come and Express support for the decision that was taken by the inhabitants of the Crimea and the Russian leadership, he said.

“Active Manager will always find a way to provide (the subordinates) a chance to Express their civil position at this time, the afternoon” — he stressed.

Rodin said that the leaders of all Duma factions will speak from the stage.

The rally, scheduled speech of the party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said Nilov. The faction leader of just Russia Sergei Mironov said that he received an invitation to the rally on 18 March, on Vasilievsky Spusk of the Public chamber. “I consider it a mandatory to come and to speak,” — said Mironov. According to him, with him on the campaign will come in about 1.5–2 thousand supporters of party of Moscow and the Moscow region.

The Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov has also been invited to the concert, he told the reporter .

“We at least 1,5 thousand people with banners have to put in a place where all would be visible. <…> Vladimir Romanovich [Rodin] works with the presidential administration, how can we separate the route could go through and take a corresponding best position for us, so we will provide further information to activists information. After the speech of the Chairman of the party, everyone can act at their own discretion”, — said on Monday at a meeting of the Communist party faction Deputy Vladimir Kashin, inviting colleagues to come to the rally.

Patriots and “Intimidad”

The event will be attended by non-parliamentary parties and social movements. Part their parties have confirmed the Chairman of “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev, Deputy Chairman of the “Patriots of Russia” Nadezhda Korneev, press Secretary of the movement “Intimidad” Valery Zaborovsky.

The leader and founder of the “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon) said that it is not decided yet, where will celebrate the 18 March. “Night wolves” want to hold rallies in three cities, where there is a branch of the bike club in Sevastopol, Volgograd and Novosibirsk. In the capital’s festivities bikers can also participate. “I would like more to Sevastopol to fly. And see what happens. I don’t belong already for a long time,” added the Surgeon.

Slogans at the rally will focus on unity, says Rodin: “Crimea is in our hearts”, “We, Crimeans,” etc. the Communists will also produce banners and their slogans on economic issues, but without criticism and in a festive design, said Rodin.

The city will assist

Last week on the streets and in metro of Moscow appeared banners with the announcement of the concert on Vasilevsky descent. The head of the Department for media and advertising of Moscow Ivan Shubin explained that the Public chamber has addressed in the mayoralty with the request and the city helped to place these posters on the rights of socially relevant information. “It is a big event in the city,” he explained, noting that in such case the fee for advertising space will be charged.

According to Shubin, in the subway, posted 1-2 thousand of stickers on the streets of Moscow — about 200 billboards large format.

Moscow authorities provide technical assistance to the Public chamber, which organizes the event, told the press-Secretary of mayor Gulnara Penkova. The city will undertake connection to the network, communications, logistics, organization, site, and scene. To the question, what is the total cost for the concert, Penkova did not respond.

Moscow Directorate of mass events, which was the organizer of the concert “We are together!” on Vasilevsky descent last year, on March 2 marked two purchases and technical support of an unnamed “cultural events” at 12.1 million and 15.6 million rubles, but then canceled them. Under the terms of the auctions, the event was to take place on Vasilevsky descent, and the technical part of the tenders is almost identical to the documentation of last year’s “Crimea” procurement. The number of spectators is not less than 50 thousand people, as in the past year. Last year’s concert at a cost of 21.9 million rubles.

Free of charge

Concert participants will perform on a Pro Bono basis, told the press-Secretary of the Public chamber Natalia Galanina.

Director by Denis maidanova confirmed that the musician will perform “the call of the heart”. State Duma Deputy and singer Iosif Kobzon, who also will sing in honor of the annexation of Crimea, believes that “it is foolish to talk about honorarium” for the speech at such an event. “This event is civil, political, there is an ideology of performance”, he explained.

Any large-scale event with the participation of pop stars associated with high costs of logistics, equipment, installation of stage, light and sound, said General Director of holding festive “Knyazev” Sergey Knyazev. In his opinion, the amount of 25 million rubles is low, provided that the pop stars would agree to speak for free.

“Usually the artists at these events are free, go as a volunteer, he added. — Try [Russian music producer Joseph] Prigogine deny — block the oxygen, will not allow to play in Russia, because the organisers — the Federal government”.

As a rule, in 10 mln. complete the stage is 10 million rubles — equipment of sound construction and sound masts, and the same goes for light, as is likely, the concert will last until dusk, lists Knyazev. This amount includes the cost of people who will provide work activities and will develop content for the screens under all the speeches and banners, he added.

With the participation of the Maria Grabovoi and Vyacheslav Kozlov