United Russia: the MAYOR is not quite cope with set by the President tasks

MOSCOW, March 16. The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation not quite cope with set by the President tasks, told journalists the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Martin Shakkum. He spoke on the eve of the “Governmental hour” with participation of Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev.

“In the conditions of consistently low oil prices, sanctions of particular importance today is the growth of production of own goods and means of production, and the key role will be played by the Ministry of economic development,” he said. “But, in our opinion, today the Ministry of economic development didn’t quite cope with the tasks set by the President,” he said.

Arguing their point of view, Shakkum has led a number of specific examples. According to him, in the circumstances a very effective tool are the so-called specinvtehnica. “This is when the company enters into a contract for the production of certain goods, and the state authorities guarantee their purchase over a long period of time – up to 10 years”, – said the Deputy.

“The President in his Message (the Federal Assembly) said that we need to promptly adopt the bill,” reminded the politician. Meanwhile, the Ministry is still “not good enough to make the appropriate amendments in the state Duma”, he said.

In addition, Shakkum pointed to the words of Vladimir Putin that the most important issue is to support large-scale projects in the field of production, in the field of transport infrastructure, in the field of agriculture. “To ensure that they are effectively promoted, you need to help with infrastructure, with point amendments to the legislation, removing administrative barriers and access to foreign markets. For this the President proposed to create a project office to support such large projects”, – said United Russia. “It’s already four month in this area again, nothing is done,” he argued.

“Today we turn the Minister’s attention to the fact that our victory in the foreign policy arena and our success depend on our success in the economy in our country”, – emphasized Shakkum. In this regard, he recalled that for three months during the great Patriotic war of the people “was created at the Urals factories that produced products”. “Today we don’t have years to just to prepare the amendments – I mean the Ministry of economic development”, he concluded.