In a village near Tula have entered several hundred police officers and fighters of OMON

As reports TV channel “First Tula”, just a village with a population of 9 thousand profit about 300 to 400 police officers, including fighters of OMON. According to the publication Myslo, in Plekhanovo profit 500 officers: soldiers of internal troops, SWAT, employees of PPS, as well as dog handlers.

They cordoned off the village and deployed a field kitchen. Indicates that the goal is to provide employees of the gas service, which eliminates the illegal tie-in pipe.

The newspaper “the Tula news” indicates that Gypsies who had organized the day before the riots, are at a distance of 15-20 meters from the police. According to the newspaper “the Tula news”, two of them “actively gesticulating” near riot police and were detained with application of means of restraint in the form of batons.

The other day a group of local Roma people tried to illegally connect to the pipeline, resulting in no gas left 400 private houses. The attempts by the police to eliminate the violations led to a brawl in which the Gypsies burned tires and threw sticks, stones and bottles building of the village administration. In addition, the Gypsies broke the glass in the bulldozer who worked at the site of the leak.

The Gypsies themselves claim that anything illegal did not do. According to their Baron, who identified himself as Ivan Grigoryevich, the Roma themselves had purchased the equipment for conducting the gas, however, the administration did not allow them to officially connect to the pipe.