In Switzerland has opened a criminal case against the former Secretary General of FIFA

Switzerland opened a criminal case against the former General Secretary of FIFA Jerome Walke. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of the Swiss Prosecutor’s office.

Attorney General Michael Leiber who was an told that Walke suspected criminal mismanagement and other offences. He noted that the trial started after two allegations of a criminal nature made in the Walke address at the meeting of the ethics Committee of FIFA. The Prosecutor added that the ex-Secretary General yet been arrested, however, already questioned by investigators, who also searched.

In February 2016, the Committee on ethics FIFA Walke was suspended from football activities for 12 years. He was accused that his actions had caused “significant financial damage to FIFA”. In the Committee’s statement said that “private and personal interests distract him [Walke] from being able to perform properly its duties as the General Secretary of FIFA”.

The investigation also showed that he participated in the illegal sale of tickets for the world Cup, and then tried to sell television and media to broadcast matches to a third party. It was also found that the former Secretary General used the plane for personal use.

He was also fined 100 thousand Swiss francs ($103 thousand). Walke himself denies all the charges, and his lawyer stated that Walke has not done “anything wrong”.

Corruption scandal in FIFA began in may of 2015, when some days before elections of the head of the organization the FBI has accused a number of high-ranking officials FIFA in extortion and fraud. In September 2015, the Swiss authorities opened a criminal case against the ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who later left his post.