Putin warned against the errors EU: migration must be controlled

Putin warned against the errors EU: migration must be controlled

The presence of migrants in Russia should not create problems in the labor market and cause irritation of the citizens, said President Vladimir Putin, instructing the relevant authorities to monitor the situation carefully.

MOSCOW, 15 Mar. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the expanded Board of the interior Ministry on Tuesday demanded not to let in Russia, it was the same situation with illegal migration in the European Union.

According to him, in Russia, millions of migrants, primarily from the republics of the former Soviet Union, but their presence should not “create problems in the labour market” and to “irritate people”. For the year, according to statistics of the interior Ministry, in the country prevented more than 100 ethnic violence.

To address these issues, the President instructed all relevant authorities, including the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which, according to Putin, “despite all the problems”, “works hard and efficiently”. Every year in Russia committed less serious crimes, the clearance rate has improved, but the interior Ministry still has not reached a qualitatively new level of work: by the end of 2015 recorded nearly deleteproperty General crime, the President stated.

The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev in response, warned that given the current situation in the country is expected to continue to increase in crime, and with the current state of the interior Ministry not in forces to strengthen the fight against crime, is reached “maximum throughput”.

“We must not allow the situation of migrants in the EU”

Putin on Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has declared it inconceivable that in Russia there was a situation with illegal migration, such as the one that now exists in the EU.

“Serious attention should be paid to the situation with illegal migration. This is a complex problem and solve it within its powers, have all the state authorities”, — Putin said.

“We can see what is happening at the EU borders. We do not have such a severe problem, thank God, including thanks to your efforts. But we cannot allow something like this to take place, although we understand that the acute problem we have: we have millions of migrants, primarily from the republics of the former Soviet Union,” he said.

According to the President, “we need to ensure that people can live in normal conditions, worked there, where they are hired to do the laws of the Russian Federation, traditions of the peoples among whom they live”, but was not created problems in the labor market in Russia and did not cause irritation of the Russians.

Strengthening international cooperation to combat terrorists

Putin called for strengthening of cooperation with foreign partners in the fight against terrorism.

“In the area of your responsibility work with extremism and terrorism. The Ministry of interior, law enforcement agencies and special services should build on the work in a proactive manner to stop the activity of radicals trying to use nationalist and extremist slogans, as well as criminal gangs, which, as we know, sometimes spliced with terrorists, serve as a source of financing,” Putin said.

“We need to strengthen cooperation with foreign partners through international organisations, primarily the United Nations, the CSTO, the Shanghai cooperation organization”, — said the President.

Putin said that in the past year we have maintained a positive trend to reduce the number of serious crimes, the clearance rate has improved. Thus, according to the President, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia yet has not reached a qualitatively new level of work, a radical breakthrough in the fight against crime is not assured, and that is what is expected from the office of the citizens of the country. He pointed out that in 2015 almost deleteproperty recorded growth in the number of crimes.

As Putin said, the situation with the reduced number of crimes of corruption focus identified by the Ministry of interior, you need to analyze – in the case that it is simply the result of decrease of activity of departments, the work in this direction should be strengthened

Putin said that the interior Ministry must regroup and use the assistance of the public in the fight against street crime. According to the head of state, the Agency must ensure public order during the preparation and conduct of elections to the state Duma, to stop attempts of criminals to get into power.

He also urged to pay more attention to the prevention of crime among young people. The President noted that the proposal of the Supreme court to transfer a number of harmless offences into the category of administrative offences will give those people the opportunity to improve.

MIA spreadtweet the penetration of radicals and weapons from Ukraine

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, speaking at the meeting, said that the Agency is making efforts to avoid penetration of the RF radicals and weapons from Ukraine.

“The focus of our attention remains the movement of vehicles and citizens on the territories adjacent to the Russian-Ukrainian border. The main aim is not only to exclude entry into the country of representatives of radical organizations, but also to stop attempts of illegal importation of arms, ammunition and explosives”, — said Kolokoltsev.

He indicated that under the control of the police are more than 3.4 thousand people attempting to travel abroad to participate in armed conflict against them brought about 1,8 thousand criminal cases, declared wanted by almost 1.5 thousand militants, convicted, 195.

Among other things, the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation noted that in recent years in counter-terrorism operations in the North Caucasus managed to significantly reduce the activity of armed groups and stabilize the situation in the region. In Russia in 2015, according to the head of Department, managed to prevent more than 100 ethnic clashes. He pointed out that the interior Ministry had prepared a bill providing for the extension of the list of persons which is the administrative supervision.

The Minister noted that the increase in crime in 2015 was mainly due to the household, property, and careless crimes.

“Just last year law enforcement bodies have revealed more than 13 thousand facts of bribery, of which 951 in large and especially large sizes” — added the Minister.

He also noted that for crimes of bribery, detained more than 2 thousand representatives of Executive authorities and criminal liability for corruption in 2015, attracted 651 head of the Federal level. More than 110 thousand economic crimes were committed in Russia in 2015, every fourth of them — in large and especially large size, he recalled.

According to the head of the interior Ministry, the Ministry has already started preparing for the forthcoming elections to the state Duma and intends to prevent violations.

With regard to crimes against children, according to the Minister, the statistics are cause for serious concern in 60% of cases make them native children.

Kolokoltsev also noted the role of vigilantes. According to him, in 2015, they helped solve thousands of crimes 18, currently in community formation across the country are nearly 420 thousand people.

However, the Minister reported that to date, the ATS has reached the maximum “bandwidth” for detection of crimes.

“Compared with 2014, an array of crime reports has increased significantly, exceeding 30 million. The increase in the number of crimes of 8.6% resulted in a significant increase in the load on employees. 6% increase in the number of detected crimes of citizens. According to experts, ATS has reached, so to speak, the limit carrying capacity,” he said.

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