The company “Ingeokom” the commencement of payment of delayed wages builders

The company “SMU Ingeokom” has started to pay the salaries of the builders who refused to go to work and a week ago gathered at the office of the company. About this channel “Rain” said the Chairman of the Central Committee of trade unions of migrant workers Renat Karimov.

According to him, workers began to receive money on my Bank card the day before. They had listed a salary of about three months, while the delay lasted five to six months, said Karimov. The company promised to pay employees the remaining amount before March 22.

While Karimov noted that he spoke with five people who haven’t got the money. “But that doesn’t mean that there’s only five. This means that at least five people have received no salary,” he said.

Also Chairman of the Central Committee of trade unions of migrant workers reported that after employees will pay all amounts, human rights activists intend to start negotiations with “SMU Ingeokom” about the improvement of the working conditions of builders. According to Karimov, currently people work for 11 hours in two shifts, with representatives of the company they intend to discuss the option of introducing the eight-hour day in three shifts, which will reduce the time that builders spend underground.

Karimov said that after the “Ingeokom” has agreed to clear the arrears and start to do it, the defenders cancelled the trip to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, whom they planned to appeal over the non-payment of money.

11 March “Rain” reported that the office of the company “Ingeokom” in Yakovoapostolskiy lane was attended by about 40 people, mostly migrant workers. They complained that they did not fully pay the salary, and refused to go to work. Karimov then said that the delayed salaries to hundreds of employees, and debts up to 100 thousand rubles.

The representative of group “ENGEOCOM” then reported that the leadership of the company know about the strike. He said that all employees of SMU in February has fully paid for January, and the salary for the month of February will be listed in the next three days. He also added that work on all construction sites the company continue. The same information was confirmed and the representative of Moscow’s Construction industry. He noted that the situation with “SMU ENGEOCOM” is in operational control of the construction Department of the capital.

“SMU Ingeokom” — one of the companies of group “ENGEOCOM”, which is a subcontractor for part of the construction of the subway.

“Ingeokom” he started the construction of subway in Moscow in 2001. The first station — “Exhibition” — the company passed in 2005. By 2011, “Ingeokom” has built four stations, as well as multiple objects in Kazan and Chelyabinsk. The portfolio of orders in the Moscow metro is around 80 billion rubles.