The Kremlin saw in the video of trump with Putin “the demonization of Russia”

The Kremlin’s negative attitude to the roller of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party Donald trump, which featured the Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“Are negative. For anybody not a secret that the demonization of Russia, unfortunately, is a mandatory attribute of the American election campaign. We are sincerely sorry about that”, — said Peskov.

Wednesday, March 16, at the trump account in Instagram was posted short video making fun of the presidential candidate of the Democrats Hillary Clinton. In the video you will first see the phrase “When the time comes to meet our most serious opponents…”, and then shown dressed in a kimono Putin, who makes the throw over his shoulder while training in judo, and an armed terrorist. Then the video shows the continuation of the phrase: “…the Democrats have the perfect answer…” — and Hillary Clinton and there’s a sound like a dog barking. Immediately thereafter, the footage appears Putin again, this time laughing, and displayed the phrase: “We must not be ridiculed!”. The video ends with a frame with the word “trump” and his campaign slogan: “let’s Make America great again”.

Previously, trump repeatedly made positive statements about Putin. In particular, during a debate on CNN in early March, the candidate in presidents of the United States stated that Putin is a stronger leader than the current U.S. leader Barack Obama. “If we’re talking about Putin, I can tell you that it is a very strong leader for Russia, much stronger than our leader. However, this does not mean that I support Putin,” said trump. He urged not to consider his words “positive or negative”, adding that “this fact”.

In December 2015 trump called Putin “a man who is very respected in the country and abroad”. The billionaire has also supported the Russian policy in Syria.