The Kurds declared a Federal region in the North of Syria

The party of the Syrian Kurds “Democratic Union” proclaimed a federated region in Northern Syria, told the Associated Press the official party, Nawaf Khalil. According to him, the region was called “Rojava Northern Syria”.

AP explains that Rojava is a Kurdish word that refers to the three controlled by the Syrian Kurdish cantons in Northern Syria — the Jazira, Kobani and Afrin.

Head of representative office in Iraqi Kurdistan in Moscow, ASO Talabani told “Interfax” that the Iraqi Kurds supported the establishment of the Syrian Kurdish Federal region. Responding to a question, he said, “these are our brothers, and they believe that the time has come to create a separate Federal entity. We’ll definitely support this idea”.

In the Kremlin, commenting on the issue of Syrian Kurds and the internal structure of Syria, said that it is up to the Syrians. “This is an issue that should be regulated on the basis of an inclusive process, a process in which all religious and ethnic groups living on the territory of Syria, whether Kurds or Shia or Sunnis, alawites, Druze and so forth,” — said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov reporters on Thursday.

According to him, “that is why Russia has consistently promoted the position on the need for mandatory participation of Syrian Kurds in the negotiations in Geneva”. “It is the Syrians themselves to decide what device will be at their countries, they themselves should participate in the drafting of the new Constitution of the country”, — said Peskov.

“It is important for Russia to have Syria as a unified state,” stressed the spokesman.

Yesterday about the plans of Syrian Kurds to declare federated region in Northern Syria, said the official representative of the party of the Syrian Kurds “Democratic Union” Nawaf Khalil in a telephone interview with the Associated Press. According to him, Syrian Kurds intend to establish a “model of federalization possible for all of Syria.” In the Northern region will be represented not only Kurds, but also Turkomans and Arabs, noted Khalil.

The Ambassador of the Syrian authorities to the UN, Bashar ja’afari, who also represents the Syrian government in the negotiations in Geneva, criticized the plans of the Syrian Kurds. According to him, the aim of inter-Syrian dialogue is the preservation of the unity of Syria, and “bet to create any kind of schism among the Syrians will be a complete failure”.

The representative of the Syrian Kurds in Moscow Abd Salam Ali said “RIA Novosti” that the creation of a Federal region is a response to the failure to invite the Kurds to participate in inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva. He stressed that the region will not be disconnected and will remain part of Syria. “Just the other day, perhaps today, the government of the three Kurdish cantons in the North will proclaim the establishment of the Federation,” he said.

The head of Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman, in turn, confirmed that this step — response that “the future of Syria and the Syrian society can be solved without the Kurds”. “We are, in fact, push back in conservative outdated system that does not suit us”, — he explained.

The Kurds have not received invitations to the inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva, neither in January nor in March 2016. Against their participation by Turkey, which regards the Kurdish formations as terrorist organizations. Moscow and Washington was urged to allow the Kurds to negotiations. On March 13 foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that efforts to persuade Ankara to join the Kurds in the Syrian talks were not successful.