The Ministry of Finance proposed to increase the load on labor after the elections of 2018

The newspaper “Vedomosti” learned the essence of the proposals on reform of the tax developed by the Ministry of Finance. As told the publication, four Federal officials, the Agency proposes to increase the load on the wage after the elections of 2018. It can bring the budget to 500 billion rubles.

Proposals agencies do not violate the promises of Russian President Vladimir Putin not to increase the tax burden until 2018, say “Vedomosti”. The publication has calculated that the reform of the Ministry of Finance after the election to bring the budget in 2019 to 470 billion rubles, with employers paying high wages, and up to 50 billion from a rate increase for the self-employed.

Now the insurance premiums for employees is 30% of assessed income. 22% directed to the Pension Fund of Russia, 2.9% and 5.1% — in funds of social and medical insurance. In this case, after the annual income of an employee exceeds 796 thousand (this amount is indexed annually), the contribution rate is reduced to 15.1%. The Finance Ministry proposes to abolish this rule and take 30% from the salary Fund. The increase in pension rights in this case is not provided.

The authors of the reform also saw the need to reduce the pension rights of those for whom the employer pays less contributions. It is about the beneficiaries: for example, companies in the IT industry pay insurance contributions at a reduced rate of 14%. According to Federal officials, the Ministry considers changes in the fair since, from the point of view of the office, now for the beneficiaries to pay other employers. The rate of 14% for IT industry is valid until 2017. The Ministry of communications has proposed to extend its effect until 2023, but the Finance Ministry opposes this initiative.

For individual entrepreneurs the Finance Ministry proposes to set a fixed insurance premium of 1-2,2 minimum wage (SMIC) “depending on the duration of the experience.” According to one of interlocutors of the newspaper, at meetings often discussed the fee in the amount of two minimum wages.

Three officials told “Vedomosti” that the Finance Ministry also proposes to introduce a co-payment contributions for individuals in the amount of 2-5%. According to one source, there may be a new form of voluntary funded pension. However, a source in the government staff noted that this idea only supports the Ministry.

Initiatives the Agency has discussed with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the President has these ideas were not discussed. According to the representative of the Vice Prime Minister Olga Golodets, officially proposals to the government were made.

Three Federal officials noted that the initiative of the Ministry of Finance did not like Shuvalov and Olga Golodets. One of the interlocutors of the newspaper expressed the view that the reform will hit export-oriented sectors and sectors with skilled labor and high wages, which, conversely, need support.

As written previously with a proposal to increase the premiums with high salaries was made by the Ministry of labor. The Agency has offered 2017 to increase the rate of insurance premiums to the pension Fund for salary that exceeds the basic level, and increase it by 2% each year until 2021. Under the initiative, the premiums paid by employers to the pension Fund for the most “expensive” employees, will increase gradually from 10% in 2016 up to 20% in 2021. Such an increase can bring the income in 234,44 billion rubles.

In early March, the labour Ministry has proposed to increase the insurance premiums of individual entrepreneurs. According to the proposals for PIS who earn 500 thousand rubles per year, total contributions may increase by 20%. The initiative provoked a negative reaction from small business owners.