WEBB left the first top Manager of the team Dmitrieva

Resignation Bullough said a source in VEB and confirmed another source in the state Corporation. The decision was made by the new Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov. About what the new head of state explained his decision, sources don’t know. This is the first resignation in the top management of EBV after the resignation of its Chairman, Vladimir Dmitriev.

Bullough is known that he was investigate the case of theft of credit, but was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Case, as wrote “Kommersant”, was initiated in March 2012 GSU GU the Ministry of internal Affairs on the statement by Sergei Yashechkina — former Director of a subsidiary of Vnesheconombank, OJSC “evraziyskiy”. First, Bullough was accused of fraudulent misappropriation of the loan (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), which was issued by the VEB “Eurasian” on the acquisition of LLC “yugvodokanal”. As believed a consequence, of the $75 million allocated by Vnesheconombank, $14 million was deposited in foreign accounts of the Ballo, and also appeared in that time in the investigation the former Deputy energy Minister Stanislav Svetlitskiy and member of the Board of OJSC “evraziyskiy” Alexander Lagutina, who was also charged with article 159 of the criminal code.

At the beginning of the investigation, Anatoly Ballo was detained, but later released on bail. In respect of his alleged accomplices, the investigation was limited to subscriptions to house arrest.

In early 2015 the case against Bullough was discontinued. The investigator concluded that the actions of Deputy Chairman of VEB was no crime. Bullough received the right to rehabilitation, including compensation for moral and material harm inflicted by a groundless criminal prosecution.

Press Secretary of the Vnesheconombank Natalia Yezhov reported the press service of the state Corporation did not have data about the dismissal of Bullough. Bullough himself to contact in Thursday failed.

A native of the savings Bank Sergey Gorkov has entered a new appointment in late February of this year and almost immediately began personnel changes. So, he gave the state 15 advisers. Most of them from the savings Bank. Gradually they can get on the Board and edge out the team of former head of VEB Vladimir Dmitriyev. The main task of the councillors to audit the source, said another source in the state Corporation.

Development strategy of the state Corporation will be engaged Denis Bugrov, who from 2008 until the beginning of 2015 has also worked in the savings Bank. About coming to the ceremony in VEB said a source close to VEB, and was confirmed by a source in the Corporation.

Anatoly Ballo was born in 1961 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Finance Institute, specialty – “international economic relations”. Until 1991 he worked as an economist, research fellow at the Institute of scientific and technical information and Economics of the building materials industry minstroymaterialov USSR. In 1991-1992 — senior expert of the USSR state Bank, Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Until 2000 he worked as a leading expert, Manager, and Executive Secretary of the Board, Executive Director, financial Director AKB “the Russian Bank of design financing” (since 2000 — Bank lending to small businesses). Also in the 1990s, as CEO of a subsidiary Bank “Project-Finance-consult” participated in the purchase of 30% stake in the company “Buryatzoloto”, member of the Board of Directors of the gold miner. 2000-2002 — consultant to Vnesheconombank of the USSR. Since 2002 — head of Department of project, structural and trade financing, OJSC “Vneshtorgbank”. In 2005-2007 — Director of the structured financing Department, Director of the Directorate of investment banking operations, Vnesheconombank of the USSR. Since 2007 — member of the management Board—Deputy Chairman of state Corporation “Bank for development and foreign economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)”. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Kraslesinvest”, JSC “Angstrem” and others, as well as on the position included in the composition of the boards of Directors of several Russian and foreign commercial structures and banks.