Disappeared, the General Director “daughters” of VEB

That the General Director “VEB leasing” Vyacheslav Solovyov has disappeared, said a source close to “VEB leasing”, confirmed another source close to the company, as well as the source of Vnesheconombank.

According to sources , last Thursday Solovyov, without warning did not come to work, he will not be issued a sick leave or vacation. The letter of resignation at own will from him have been received, says a source in VEB. According to him, none of the leadership of the staff VEB and “VEB leasing” to Soloviev can’t get through.

Calls and messages correspondent Solovyov on mobile also went unanswered. Press office of Vnesheconombank did not comment the situation with Solovyov. Declined to comment is also the first Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank Andrey Sapelin, who has held the post of Chairman of the Board of “VEB leasing”. The reasons for the disappearance of the sources of Solovyov called was difficult.

Vyacheslav Solovyov works generalnym the Director of “VEB-leasing” since 2008, i.e. since the release of the Bank’s leasing market (VEB in 2008 acquired the company “Oboronprom — leasing” and renamed it). Today “VEB leasing” — one of the leading Russian leasing companies. International Agency S&P also notes in its report that “VEB leasing” — key “daughter” of VEB. However, the first half of 2015 it ended with a loss of nearly 2 billion rubles under international accounting standards, and is now experiencing serious problems due to the collapse of the airline “Transaero”.

Transaero airlines ceased operations in October 2015. She has “VEB-leasing” 67 bn, judging by the requirements, issued a “Transaero” “daughter” VEB”. The portfolio of “VEB leasing” the aircraft took more than 25%. Vladimir Dmitriev, who was at that time Chairman of VEB, said in late October last year that because of the situation with “Transaero airlines” OJSC “VEB leasing” may need recapitalization in the amount of 30 billion rubles, “VEB leasing” is an integral part of VEB, so that the state will help to cover his losses,” — says one of the interlocutors close to “VEB leasing”.