International website of “Yandex” fell under the lock in Iran

The international version of the search engine “Yandex” ( were among the blocked websites in Iran. As found out “Kommersant”, the Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov spoke about the need to unlock during his visit to Tehran.

Data on the blocking of the site was confirmed by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Iran Maxim Suslov. “The Iranian side believes there is information not corresponding to their values. Though works”, — the diplomat said. He explained that the decision to lock resources in Iran takes a special service. Thus, according to him, many citizens use VPN servers that allow them to circumvent the prohibitions.

The source of the newspaper close to the government, said that in October 2015, the Minister discussed the blocking of “Yandex” “from the Iranian competent authorities” with the Minister of communications and information technology of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to open in Iran the office of “Yandex”.

“We are familiar with the powerful Russian search engine “Yandex”. We agreed that “Yandex” will open an office in Iran. The system will be adapted for Iranian users in Persian language”, — said the Iranian Minister. Nikiforov also said that “Yandex” is going to place in Iran data centers, but this information was refuted.

“Yandex” has confirmed the blocking of the site The company drew attention to the lack of evidence that the site is blocked “centrally”. “Besides, it’s not a priority market for us”, — said the representative of “Yandex”.

Today in Iran blocked sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, and others.