Lukashenko has proposed to raise the pension age in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he supports the gradual increase of the retirement age by three years. This statement of the Belarusian leader sounded on Friday in the course of communication with the employees of confectionery factory “Kommunarka”, reports “BelTA”.

“I’m inclined to believe that we must go slowly and carefully, — said the head of state. — I the supporter of that the retirement age increase by three years, every year in half. And so we quietly, for six or seven years can pass these three years.”

Lukashenko noted that Belarus is forced to take this step, because wages in the country, which forms the pension Fund is not growing. “The salary of the people is low and not growing in the country. The pension Fund is formed from the salaries. If the salary is not growing and prices are still moving, so let half a percentage point, a percentage standard of living falls. The question is: what to do? To reduce pensions? On this we cannot go. You cannot offend people,” he said.

“For me as a parent, it is important that we on their children, these problems are not shifted,” added the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko noted that now is the time that “we must give everything”. “If a retiree can work as a good specialist and can prepare your replacement, then it is generally necessary to pay, as a mentor, because to prepare a specialist — a lot of money”, — he noted.

Now in Belarus, as in Russia women retire in 55 years, men — 60 years.