Some of the participants of the meeting in honor of joining of Crimea took before it started

About 15 thousand people gathered on Vasilevsky descent in Moscow to celebrate the anniversary of the accession of Crimea to Russia, the correspondent . The police estimates of the number assembled did not lead.

Come to the rally took all of the Big Moskvoretsky bridge and the space after it. Crowds of people flock to Vasilevsky descent, people stand on Ilyinka and Varvarka.

At the same time many came to the event crowded around the metal detectors and are looking for an exit from Vasilevsky descent. Video of people leaving the event before it starts, also published in Periscope blogger Ilya Varlamov.

As has told to the correspondent of one of the police officers guarding the event, it is the people that came organized from the businesses that are already marked and decided to leave.

One of the protesters told a reporter that the concert was pushed back an hour, so people started to leave, without waiting for the official part.

The event was organized by the Public chamber. On the chamber’s website in the announcement specified that the concert starts at 16:00. At 16:30, according to the correspondent , on the scene was nothing there, sometimes leading out, read the facts about Russian writers and their relationship to Crimea. Several times included installed a television screen where soundless images of Vladimir Putin reading a document.

At the meeting many representatives of the National liberation movement of the Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov. The reporter met a large number of participants with flags of the Russian national youth Union. Slogans does not sound.

As previously described sources , leading the rally this year should become new members of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” and future candidates in the deputies of the state Duma: chief editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya and host of “First channel” Peter Tolstoy.

The rally was attended by the representatives of public organizations and parties. The state Duma for the sake of the concert was shortened working day and Sunday voting ended two hours earlier.