The court extended for three months the detention of journalist

Journalist Alexander Sokolov will remain in custody until 21 June, the decision on Friday took Hamovnichesky court of Moscow. The consequence insists that he was a member in a forbidden organization. According to the journalist, the criminal investigation linked with his professional activities.

As explained by the lawyer Olga Chavdar Sokolov, the investigator has not submitted any new evidence to justify the arrest. “The petition for prolongation of arrest the word for word repeats the old treatment, we see it for the fourth time”, — pointed Chavdar. According to the lawyer, for the last three months the investigator is not held with Sokolov any investigative action. “The reality tape”, — said Chavdar. But the judge Konstantin pokhilko extended the measure of restraint, not even inviting the lawyer and listeners in the meeting room, says Chavdar.

Hidden opportunities

To keep the journalist under arrest on Friday asked the court investigator Natalia chalaeva. Her speech was formal and short. She cited the standard reasons: to escape, to exert pressure on witnesses, hinder the investigation.

From the very first meeting in June 2015, when Sokolov was only detained, talaeva assured the court that he was going to go to the United States. It was later discovered that the journalist wanted to go on an internship, but was not selected and did not even issued a passport.

According to investigators, the falcons entered the Initiative group for the referendum “for responsible authority” (IGC CALL) along with former editor of the newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin and their associates Valery Parfenov and Kirill Barabashek. Parfenov and Barabash also in custody, Muhin — under house arrest.

The issue of extremism

Sokolov himself and his lawyer Olga Chavdar tried to convince the court that it is necessary to change the measure of restraint to house arrest or bail. Relatives Sokolov has repeatedly proposed to the court as collateral one-room apartment in the suburbs.

Speaking in court, Sokolov claimed that he will not hide from the investigation in Moscow he has an elderly grandmother and a young wife.

As for the plot allegations, the journalist insisted that the version of the investigation does not stand up to scrutiny. The investigator believes that the Initiative group continued activities prohibited by the Moscow city court in 2010, the organization Army of the will of the people, he recalled.

“Goals and objectives IGPR CALL allegedly “similar to the point of confusion” in the Army of the People’s Will (AVN)”, — quoted the expert opinion “the Moscow research centre” falcons.

“But the prosecution is hiding the fact that the MSA was banned for dissemination of extremist materials (leaflets), and not for the implementation of its statutory objectives — the referendum”, — the Sokolov has acted.

According to him, the purpose of the first and second organizations was to achieve the national referendum and the adoption of the law that would allow citizens to evaluate the work of the authorities — the President, deputies, senators, after the expiration of their powers. But the referendum cannot be considered extremism, claimed falcons.

Their criminal prosecution falcons are tied with the performance of professional duties of a journalist. He recalled that shortly before his arrest he spent several resonant antikorrupcionnyjj investigations, including the investigation of the construction of the cosmodrome “East”.