The Crimea under the Kremlin: as a concert-rally on Vasilevsky descent

“They can understand”

Already two hours before the start of the rally, which was scheduled for 16.00, in different parts of the center of Moscow near red square began to gather separate groups of participants. These groups were easily distinguished in the crowd of passers-by: many held Russian flags, or even a blank banner, some tried to warm up, the surprise of passers-by shouting “Crimea is ours!” and “Russia! Russia!”. Seeing these groups, the police, scattered around the perimeter of the red spare unwrapping of people at the State historical Museum and told them to go around on the street Varvarka. Only there was organized a passage on a rally and put up a police cordon with metal detectors.

Half an hour before the concert, the barbarian was already filled with people. In one place were grouped the representatives of “Fair Russia” with balloons, flags with party symbols, another with a missing eye were the young people from near and far abroad countries with flags with flags of the Russian national youth Union.

The crowd was divided into two streams: left side of Varvarka street was given for those who went from the side of the metro right — for those who went to the rally. “How is there,” asked the outgoing awaiting passage at the rally a young man. “There’s nothing to do,” with anger, twisting the Russian flag, replied hurrying to the metro participant of the rally.

“These are people with businesses, they are marked and go, — has explained to the correspondent soldier of internal troops standing in a cordon on Varvarka. — They can understand. I’m bored to death”. According to him, many of the protesters brought to the meeting in advance, they freeze and including why they leave.

Already on Vasilyevsky Spusk, where there were placed several large TV screens with what is happening on stage, one of the protesters explained to the reporter that people began to leave the rally due to the fact that the organizers of the hour moved the concert — instead of 16.00 it started at 17.00. People continued to leave the rally, the crowd near the stage is gradually thinning, but in spite of this, came enough to fill a Large Moskvoretsky bridge. According to the estimates , on the outskirts of the scene turned up no less than 15 thousand people.

Directly near the stage were grouped together several hundred representatives of the “National liberation movement” Evgeny Fedorov (NOD) with the flags of the movement, but the vast majority of participants quietly waiting for the concert without any party paraphernalia; many held Russian flags or balloons in the color of the Russian flag or limited to a homemade banners displayed on them with slogans such as “Thank you Putin for Crimea!”. The stage appeared, the adherents of the movement “Sober Russia”, activists of the LDPR and the Rodina party. The concert, the audience waited quietly, only occasionally in the crowd, someone in a raised voice reminded people that “Crimea is ours!”.

Some did not hide their belonging to the budgetary organizations: the reporter saw at the rally, a man in overalls with the words “state highways”.

“A brilliant spring of the victory of common sense”

Leading the rally — the newest members of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” and future candidates in the deputies of the state Duma — chief editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya and host of “First channel” Peter Tolstoy appeared on the scene in the area of 17.00. They welcomed the audience, which were answered by the world’s leading rare applause, and immediately introduced the artist and MP Iosif Kobzon, who immediately pulled over Vasilevsky descent “I love you, Russia, our dear Russia”.

Went up to the stage the leaders of the parliamentary parties. “I congratulate you on a brilliant spring in which victory for common sense,” greeted the leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov. “Two years we try to the knees, two years to push us. Two years require that we abandoned the solution, which took the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol. They can’t accept there, in the West, that Putin does not leave their”, — told about their struggle, the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has suggested to rename the Crimea in the Taurida.

President Vladimir Putin attended the celebration. In 2014, at a rally after the referendum, he spoke from the stage addressing the audience. In 2015, sang the anthem on stage Vasilevsky descent. The anniversary of the referendum in 2016, he devoted to the inspection of the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. Gathered on Vasilevsky descent watched a video message from the head of state. “The residents of Crimea put the question harshly, sharply, without restraint”, — retold the story of the referendum the head of state, reassure that the construction of the bridge should be completed by 2018 and become another symbol of the unity of Russia and Crimea.

Even when the singing was finished Kobzon, the outcome of the rally was massive. The crowd started leaving, actively twisting party and state flags on the way to the metro station “China Town”. Someone at the station waiting for the bus only on the Slavic area had accumulated more than a dozen.

The rally was attended by 100 thousand people, said the evening of TASS with reference to the press service of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow.