The ex-Governor of the Samara region reported the theft of nearly $6 million

The Department of internal Affairs of the Western district of Moscow was investigating the theft at the former Governor of the Samara region and former Senator Konstantin Titov almost $6 million, according to “Kommersant”. According to the newspaper, a statement to the police Titov appealed in December 2015, the case was initiated under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size).

The investigation, according to “b” affects the period from September to December 2007, when Titov was the Senator of Council of Federation from the Samara region. In September 2007, Titov met certain Anatoly Shutov, who had introduced him to the General of justice and a member of the Prosecutor General. Later clowns invited the Senator to profitably invest the funds and, after receiving consent, acquainted with their partners.

They were Vladislav Tsorayev, Alexey Prozorov and Arthur Karalaev. The first was presented to the Senator a member of the “secret group “Center”, which is “established in the Executive office of the President for the implementation of special financial programs” and allegedly responsible to the President. Prozorov made it clear that an employee of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) and even showed the Senator a license. Karalaev just ensure the safety of the meeting, the newspaper said.

Titov has proposed to invest in “high yield transactions in the banking sector” and promised profits of up to 100%, but the amount of investment should be not less than $500 thousand the Senator also promised that it will set up a special Fund which will be engaged in highly profitable operations, including with shares of “blue chips” and to service the Fund will have a personal broker.

After that the Senator took from his son, a banker Alexey Titov — under the loan agreement of $4.4 million and €1.5 million to invest in a proposed project. According to the statements Titova, in October 2007 he handed over the money to their new partners, but no promised interest he did not pay, and the money is not returned.

The record featured the amount stolen at $5.9 million, but according to sources, “b”, it may grow by another $1 million Yet charges no one charged, but according to the newspaper, Kuralai wrote a confession. Personality Shutov is not yet established, but the consequence considers that the General Prosecutor’s office he had no relationship. Prozorov died, the newspaper added.

In 2009, the Tsorayev and Karalaev were convicted of masaniello. Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow found them guilty that they, posing as senior officials of the government, promised biznesmenu Sergey of Chapitko at 17.8 million rubles to appoint him to the post of the head of Rostechregulirovanie.