The new passenger terminal in Sheremetyevo will be built by a Turkish company

Turkish Renaissance Construction has won the tender for the construction of a new passenger terminal B and terminal-to-terminal transition to Sheremetyevo, reported on the official airport website.

The General contractor on 13 March approved the Board of Directors “Terminal b Sheremetyevo” and “terminal-to-Terminal transition Sheremetyevo” — joint ventures Sheremetyevo airport and TPS Avia Holding, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg and his partners Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko, the report says.

Applications for participation in competition projects for the construction of cargo terminal (terminal B) and terminal-to-terminal tunnel (to connect the Northern and the southern part of hub) filed by two companies with Turkish capital: Limak Construction and Renaissance Construction and Austria’s Strabag. After opening the envelopes, the CEO of Sheremetyevo International airport Mikhail Vasilenko said that work on the projects results will be either Limak, or Renaissance. “The third company of Moscow is not considering — two applications” — said the official representative of the airport Anna zakharenkova.

The Limak and the Renaissance there are Russian units, and despite the fact that their own Turks, the sanctions imposed on Turkey in November 2015, these companies were not included, then said Vasilenko.

The General plan for the development of Sheremetyevo provides for the creation of the FIFA world Cup 2018 four sites North of the terminal complex: the terminal internal new lines B to 15 million passengers, terminal-to-terminal passenger and Luggage tunnels, the third fuel-filling complex and a new cargo complex. The construction of the new terminal and tunnel is planned to finish by 2018. Both projects are estimated at $630 million, said Vasilenko.