The Pentagon announced the withdrawal of most Russian aircraft from Syria

Russia withdrew most of its strike aircraft out of Syria. This was stated by official representative of the military of the U.S. Central command, Colonel Patrick Ryder. He added that the strikes in support of the actions of the Syrian authorities are carried out exclusively using artillery instead of aircraft, writes Reuters. The Agency does not specify what kind of artillery we have in mind.

“They [Russia] still has [in Syria] helicopters and transport planes. But we see that the greatest number of aircraft during the attacks, left Syria,” he said.

Ryder said that U.S. in recent days are not recorded by Russian air strikes, including on the approaches to Palmier, captured “Islamic state” (banned in Russia terrorist group). The only recorded use of artillery.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on March 14 at a meeting with the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ordered the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian military forces from Syria. According to him, the tasks assigned to the Ministry of defence were generally fulfilled.

The next day the first group of Russian aircraft have left Syria. In its structure included the Tu-154 and su-34. On 16 March, the defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of another group, which included the Il — 76 aircraft and front-line bomber su-24M. On the same day by Reuters, after analyzing the footage shown on state television, has estimated that Syria is derived from almost half of Russian aircraft.

In defense of after the beginning of withdrawal of troops was emphasized that Russia will continue to strike targets of terrorists. “There have been some positive results. There is a real chance to put an end to decades of confrontation and violence. However, the victory over terrorism too early to say. The Russian air group has the task to continue its strikes on targets of terrorists,” — said the Deputy head of Department Nikolay Pankov.

On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the main part of the costs of the operation in Syria amounted to 33 billion rubles. According to him, this amount “was previously included in the budget of the Ministry of 2015 for the exercises and combat training”. According to estimates, the operation could go on for five billion rubles.more.

The military operation started on 30 September 2015. Reporting about its results, Shoigu said that since the end of September, the air group flew more than 9 million departures. According to him, the aircraft destroyed more than 209 objects of oil extracting and refining, as well as over 2 thousand means of delivery of petroleum products. According to the Minister, the Russian forces were able to completely stop the resource support of terrorists.