The Pentagon chief has put Russia in first place in the list of the major threats

Currently in the world there are five global threats to the security of America, said the U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter. First he put Russia, followed by China, North Korea, Iran and international terrorism.

Carter said this at the hearings before the Committee on armed services, U.S. Senate during hearings on the defense budget of the USA for 2017.

“The current situation in the security field differs sharply from what it was 25 years. It requires new approaches,” — said the head of the Pentagon. However, he described Russia and China as the two most dangerous competitors, both of which develop weapons systems that endanger U.S. leadership in some areas.

Carter has requested a military budget of $582,7 billion, of which $523,9 billion amount to the base budget, and $58,8 billion will go to Fund for emergency operations abroad.