Unknown opened fire in the centre of Ankara

In Ankara’s centre, unknown persons opened fire, which killed two people including a policewoman. This was reported by the Turkish Cumhuriyet periodical.

The attack occurred on Friday morning in the dikmen district of the Turkish capital. The crime scene cordoned off. Other details of incident are not given.

The shooting occurred the next day after the Turkish government announced the strengthening of security measures in Ankara, Istanbul and other cities of the country.

The decision was caused by the attack, which took place in Ankara on 13 March. In a lively area of Turkey’s capital exploded in hijacked car, killing 37 people and more than 70 were injured. Responsibility has been taken by the grouping of “freedom Hawks of Kurdistan” associated with the forbidden in Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party.

On March 17 it became known that because of the threat of terrorist attack, Germany has closed its Embassy in Ankara, Consulate General in Istanbul, a school and a kindergarten for children of its employees.